'That should be illegal': Internet divided as second 'black book' of Jeffrey Epstein set to be auctioned

'That should be illegal': Internet divided as second 'black book' of Jeffrey Epstein set to be auctioned
Jeffrey Epstein's second black book contains 221 names not disclosed in first book (NBCNews/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jeffrey Epstein's infamous second black book, containing 221 names, is causing a stir as it gears up for auction, revealed in an exclusive report. The report further claims that high-profile bidders are eagerly eyeing the opportunity to get their hands on this secretive diary.

Social media erupted with shock and calls for the names to be revealed as news of the auction spread. On the other hand, there were also voices condemning the auction as 'illegal'.

Jeffrey Epstein's second black book set to go for sale

According to the Daily Beast, a second 'black book' filled with contact names and numbers linked to the notorious late sex offender Epstein is set to be auctioned off in two weeks.

The black book will be available for private sale through sealed bids handled by Alexander Historical Auctions on May 15. Alongside the book, a forensic document examiner’s report verifying its authenticity will be provided.

Bill Panagopulos, the owner of Alexander’s, speculated on the potential value of the book, stating to the Daily Beast, “There are no comparables for the sale of this kind of relic. But, based on my experience, if I’m pressed to offer a price I would think it would be $100,000 to $200,000, and up.”

Sealed bids will be accepted for a month. If there’s no satisfactory top bid, Panagopulos mentioned that the Epstein book will then be included in an Alexander Historical auction on July 12. There will be an estimated value, but no minimum bid is required.

The Daily Beast also noted that in 2015, Gawker published the contents of the more infamous and well-known first black book, which included names and contact information for figures like Donald Trump, Mick Jagger, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and members of the Kennedy family.


This caused significant uproar on social media regarding the alleged connections of these prominent individuals with a convicted sex offender.

The second book, dating back to 1997 and now going up for auction, reportedly contains 221 new names not listed in the first book, according to a 2021 Business Insider article.

Business Insider highlighted several individuals listed in the book who were not previously associated with Epstein, such as Suzanne Ircha, now Suzanne Johnson, Melania Trump’s close friend who co-owns the New York Jets with her husband Woody Johnson; Carl Icahn, a special adviser to Donald Trump during his presidency; Cristina Greeven, the wife of Chris Cuomo; Jill Harth, who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault; Marty Peretz, a former mentor to Al Gore; and billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis.

Business Insider noted that none of their investigations had uncovered any connection between the individuals listed in the address book and Epstein’s crimes.

The book was reportedly discovered on Fifth Avenue in the East Village by a female musician in the 1990s, but the circumstances surrounding how it ended up there remain unclear to this day, as per the Daily Beast.

Internet users assert auctioning Jeffrey Epstein's black book is 'illegal'

A user wrote, "That should be illegal."


Another user wrote, "Why aren’t they being arrested? Why is the book being sold off?"


A user commented, "I hope that bidder is an undercover patriot who will later do what's right and release the list. 😉."


Another user commented, "How the hell is this legal?"


A user stated, "Wouldn't that be evidence. Who is selling it?"


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