'That's horrible': Outrage erupts as Leo Terrell faces racist attack over his pro-Israel stance

 'That's horrible': Outrage erupts as Leo Terrell faces racist attack over his pro-Israel stance
Leo Terrell faced a disturbing racist attack while walking in Beverly Hills (@LeoTerrel/X)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a shocking incident, renowned civil rights attorney and commentator Leo Terrell recently faced a vile racist attack while walking in Beverly Hills.

Terrell, known for his outspoken advocacy on various social and political issues, including his pro-Israel stance, was subjected to derogatory slurs by an individual who targeted him based on his beliefs.

Leo Terrell documents racist attack amidst advocacy for israel

The incident unfolded when Terrell, in a video shared on his social media platforms on April 29, recounted the harrowing experience he endured. In the footage, Terrell revealed how he was accosted by a man who hurled racial epithets at him, including the abhorrent term "Hitler n****r."

Despite the offensive language, Terrell remained composed as he captured the encounter on video, determined to expose the perpetrator's bigotry to the world.

"The man came walking towards me and started calling me a Hitler n****r," Terrell recounted in his video, visibly shaken by the encounter. "I apologize for the word, but I want to be as honest as possible."

The racist tirade, as described by Terrell, was seemingly prompted by his vocal support for Israel, a stance that has drawn ire from antisemitic individuals and groups.


Leo Terrell's resilience in the face of antisemitic attack

Terrell's unwavering advocacy for Israel's right to exist and defend itself against threats has made him a target for those harboring antisemitic sentiments.

"In standing up against antisemitism and bigotry, Terrell exemplifies the courage and conviction needed to confront hatred wherever it rears its ugly head," stated a spokesperson for Terrell in response to the incident.

Terrell also shed light on the pervasive nature of bigotry in America as he said, "In this country, there are people... I had no problem with his First Amendment freedom of speech, but I just wanted to make sure he gets full credit for calling me a Hitler n****r."

Leo Terrell receives social media support following racist encounter

One user wrote, "Sorry Leo, that's horrible. But he does have a right to get famous for his free speech."


Another added, "You were minding your own business and to have this happen to you is terrible and dangerous. I’m so sorry you had to experience that."


One user replied, "Man, Leo. You need to be more careful. Not worth your life… we need you in DC, 2025!!!"


Another said, "Leo said racism is dead…. Now he’s the victim."


Someone else commented, "We're at a study decline in this nation for the last three or four years. I'm sorry, you had to go through that. I'm glad you're okay."


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