Internet slams Sean Hannity after Fox News host compares Joe Biden’s leadership to Donald Trump’s

'The Lying is so thick': Hannity faces backlash as Internet slams Fox News host comparing Joe Biden's leadership to Donald Trump's
Sean Hannity compares Joe Biden's leadership with Donald Trump's leadership (Getty Images, Twitter/@seanhannity)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News anchor Sean Hannity recently compared President Donald Trump’s leadership with President Joe Biden’s leadership on ‘Hannity.'

He thoroughly examined each subject, drew comparisons between the leadership of the two, and ultimately criticized Biden's presidency.

Following this, Hannity took to X, formerly known as Twitter to share his monologue with his followers as many people on the internet joined the host.

Sean Hannity compares Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s leadership

Fox News host Sean Hannity took to X and wrote, “This is pretty embarrassing for Biden.”


Hannity said, “Under President Trump, we had peace. Under Biden, we have war. Under Trump, we had almost no inflation and record-low interest rates. Under Biden, Americans are getting squeezed every single day. 60% of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck.”

He continued, “Under Trump, we had secure borders. Under Biden, wide-open borders, a wave of unvetted illegal immigrants like we've never seen before, close to 10 million, if not over 10 million. Every single thing you can think of is worse under Joe Biden.”

“Housing is unaffordable. Homelessness up all over the place. Crime. You know, how is that defund, dismantle, no bail laws and reimagining the police working? Crime is up everywhere. Overdose deaths? They are reaching record levels as well,” he added.


Hannity further stated, “American democracy is being ripped to shreds by rogue activists, judges and state officials. We have parents at school board meetings and pro-life activists that are marching peacefully, being targeted by Joe Biden's DOJ for not staying on message and so much is at stake this coming November.”

He also added, “I won’t tell anyone what to do with their campaigns. I never have and will not start now. But when the republican primary is over, it is vitally important that everybody come in the GOP.”

“Everybody in that caucus, they better come together to beat Joe Biden and they better get smart when it comes to voting early, voting by mail, overcoming that resistance and that reluctance and also democrats are practicing something called legal ballot harvesting,” he concluded.


Internet slams Sean Hannity on his remarks

Many X users slammed Sean Hannity after he compared Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s leadership.

One person wrote, “From a guy who testified under oath, that he lies for ratings,” and another said, “The Lying is so thick, really he’s unwatchable!”



An X user simply slammed Hannity, “No. 1 worst thing is your show and then your channel,” and another stated, “I thought of you. And you are right. You are much worse now.”



One more person called out Hannity, “Especially Sean's face 🤮,” and another added, “Hannity has lost the plot, and that's saying something, considering I don't actually think he ever had it to begin with.”




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