'What a banger!' Olivia Rodrigo has fans in awe over her viral 'All-American B*tch' performance on 'SNL'

'What a banger!' Olivia Rodrigo has fans in awe over her viral 'All-American B*tch' performance on 'SNL'
Olivia Rodrigo at MTV Video Music Awards (Twitter/@vmas)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Acclaimed singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo made a triumphant return to 'Saturday Night Live', adding unique twists to two of her chart-topping songs.

The young artist, at just 20 years old, reportedly graced the 'SNL' stage for the second time as a musical guest, sharing the spotlight with host Adam Driver, according to People magazine.

In this performance, she offered her fans a fresh interpretation of her songs 'Vampire' and 'All-American B****' that has left fans and critics alike in awe, with many describing Rodrigo as "like a mother and a total machine."

Olivia Rodrigo's viral 'All-American B*tch' performance on 'SNL'


People magazine reports that Rodrigo commenced the evening with a heartfelt piano version of 'Vampire'. Dressed in a shimmering silver halter dress and sporting a sleek bun, she delivered the song’s melody with profound emotion.

Interestingly, she adorned her right hand with multiple rings that spelled out 'Guts' — the title of her sophomore studio album.

The stage was designed to resemble a dream, with blue mist enveloping the stage floor beneath the piano and numerous silver star cut-outs hanging from the stage ceiling.

For her subsequent performance, she escalated the drama. The stage initially appeared simple and pure, with Rodrigo, dressed in a high-neck pink gown, casually sipping tea behind a table laden with cakes and assorted treats.

However, as she reached the song’s chorus, she unveiled her edgier side, leaping onto and reclining on the table, slicing the cake with a knife, and dancing amidst the pastries as the lighting transitioned to mirror her mood.

The illumination shifted from a brilliant white to rapid red flashes, signifying the ensuing chaos.

To accentuate the lyrics, she even smeared some crimson cake on her face, dress, and white stockings — possibly a nod to the 'guts' theme of her album.

Upon concluding her performances, she cheekily stuck out her tongue at the cameras.

Fans go gaga over Olivia Rodrigo's performance


Olivia Rodrigo has once again captured the hearts of fans worldwide. A fan tweeted, "Everything about this I loved! The imagery! The risk she took with this performance! The acting! I could say so much more…"

"First performance I see from her where she really puts her energy into… her stage presence really showed up!" said another. 

"What a banger! She really knows how to make a song unforgettable." said another. 

"the way she didn't say goddamn in vampire but said goddamn and bitch here lmao so unserious," claimed another. 

"U can tell she loves this song and im glad cuz its high on guts," stated another. 






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