'World is watching': Jack Smith finds support online as he hits back at Trump's classified docs narrative

'World is watching': Jack Smith finds support online as he hits back at Trump's classified docs narrative
Jack Smith has filed another motion in the Donald Trump case (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Special counsel Jack Smith filed a motion over the weekend to “clear the air” regarding Donald Trump’s involvement in the classified documents case.

On Friday, February 2, Smith filed a 67-page-long motion to the US District Judge Aileen Cannon, where he sought to debunk the “pervasively false narrative” surrounding the violations of the Espionage Act, per MSNBC.

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Jack Smith has accused Donald Trump of propagating a false narrative (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

What did Jack Smith say about the classified documents case?

After the former President was indicted by Smith on 37 felony counts connected with the classified documents case, Donald Trump countered it by filing a motion of his own.

Not only did the presumed Republican Presidential candidate vehemently deny his wrongdoing in the case, his spokesperson also blamed President Joe Biden and the Justice Department for trying “to harass President Trump and those around him” ahead of the election, per Radar Online.

The outlet revealed that while the entire filing consists of 67 pages, 15 of those were completely dedicated to “debunking” Trump’s “inaccurate and distorted picture” of the Espionage Act case.

Smith wrote, “Before turning to those arguments, it is necessary to set the record straight on the underlying facts that led to this prosecution because the defendants’ motion paints an inaccurate and distorted picture of events.”

He noted, “The defendants rely on a pervasively false narrative of the investigation’s origins,” before noting, “Their apparent aim is to cast a cloud of suspicion over responsible actions by government officials diligently doing their jobs.”

Smooth continued, “The defendants’ insinuations have scant factual or legal relevance to their discovery requests, but they should not stand uncorrected.”

“To develop its counternarrative, the defendants cherry-pick exhibits and selectively quote from documents that the Government itself produced in discovery, putting a nefarious gloss on innocuous events,” charged the Special Counsel.

Jack Smith claims Donald Trump’s legal troubles are his own making

In the long filing, Jack Smith went on to claim that the defendants’ legal troubles are “solely of their own making,” after outlining the events leading to the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022 and his subsequent arrest and arraignment in Florida in June 2023.

He explained, “As the exhibits and an accurate timeline attest, the defendants’ narrative overlooks the fact that various federal agencies confronted, and appropriately responded to, an extraordinary situation resulting entirely from the defendants’ conduct.”

Smith continued, “That is hardly surprising, and it in no way, shape, or form supports the hyperbolic claim of ‘politically motivated operatives’ launching a ‘crusade against President Trump,’” and boldly claimed, “The defendants’ legal problems are solely of their own making.”

He further added, “Where the defendants perceive “bias,” “weaponize[d]” use of authorities, and a “sham referral,” all attributed to an undifferentiated “Biden Administration,” ... the record shows only different government agencies, with specific portfolios and responsibilities, at work to solve an increasingly vexing and concerning problem.”

Internet reacts to Jack Smith's claims

Jack Smith tried to thoroughly debunk Donald Trump's claims soon found support on the Internet.

A social media user claimed, "So if what Jack Smith is alleging is true then the jury in the classified documents case against Trump, will have to have top secret security clearance to hear and see the evidence. So how is that going to work?"


"I have more and more respect for Jack Smith's @7Veritas4 handling of this case every day," said someone else.


"Doesn't help the judge has all the appearances of being on Team Trump," said another person.


Another netizen added, "It isn't easy to Railroad an ex POTUS😂."


"This is the easiest of the prosecutions. Not only did Trump have no right to take the very sensitive material to Florida and to keep it, but his personal involvement in obstructing the investigation is also clear," said someone else.


A social media users added, "Where Trump has flaunted the law and committed criminal offences he claims he is above the American Justice System. Trump wants his followers to believe his prosecution for criminal offences is really ‘persecution’. The world is watching."


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