Wynonna Judd's confession of feeling 'distraught and powerless' over daughter Grace Kelley's arrest garners Internet’s sympathy

Wynonna Judd's confession of feeling 'distraught and powerless' over daughter Grace Kelley's arrest garners Internet’s sympathy
Wynonna Judd 'blames herself' for daughter Grace Pauline Kelly's 'misfortunes' (Instagram/wynonnajudd)(Morgan Country Sheriff's Office)

WETUMPKA, ALABAMA: Wynonna Judd, the celebrated country singer, is reportedly grappling with feelings of distress and helplessness following her daughter's recent arrest for indecent exposure.

Grace Pauline Kelley, 27, has found herself in legal trouble after allegedly exposing her breasts and lower body on a busy highway in Alabama. Despite Wynonna's estimated net worth of $12 million, her daughter remains in custody on a $1,000 bond, as no one has posted bail for her.

Wynonna Judd left feeling 'distraught and powerless'

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Wynonna Judd has been left feeling 'distraught and powerless' after her troubled daughter was busted for exposing her breasts and 'lower body' on a busy highway. (Getty Images)

According to exclusive reports from DailyMail.com, sources close to Wynonna reveal that she is deeply troubled by her daughter's arrest and feels a sense of responsibility for Grace's misfortunes.

Despite Wynonna's efforts to rebuild her relationship with Grace, she reportedly feels powerless as her daughter continues to struggle with recurring issues. The incident comes nearly two years after the tragic death of Wynonna's mother, Naomi Judd, which brought the family closer together.

The source added, "Wynonna is very distraught over Grace's arrest because she has been working so hard to reestablish her relationship with Grace. But she feels like there is nothing she can do anymore and she powerless."

"Whenever Grace gets back on track, she falls right off track again and it is a pattern that has no end."

(Image: Morgan Country Sheriff's Office)
Wynonna Judd's daughter Grace Pauline Kelley arrested for indecent exposure. (Image: Morgan Country Sheriff's Office)

According to the insider, this latest incident is especially painful for Wynonna because it occurred almost two years after Naomi Judd took her own life - a tragic incident that brought the family together.

"The family all finally became close again following Naomi's death,' they said, adding that one bright spot during that tragic time had been the arrival of Grace's daughter, Kaliyah, who was born that same month."

"Grace giving Wynonna a granddaughter weeks before Naomi took her life was the best thing that could have happened because she has been able to channel her pain into love for Kaliyah," the insider continued.

"Wynonna is prepared to take care of Kaliyah if Grace goes back to prison again but is praying that this won't happen."

Wynonna shared a sweet video of herself playing with her granddaughter in a playground shortly after hearing of Grace's arrest, captioning the post: "The sweet & simple."

The source continued: "She just doesn't know if there is anything else she can do except for what she is doing already."

"Wynonna truly only wants the best for her and prays for her non-stop, but she does blame herself for Grace's misfortunes – especially her addiction."

"Wynonna feels that her fame caused her to not be the best parent that she could have been to Grace growing up."

A second source close to Wynonna told DailyMail.com, "The amount of emotional pain that Wynonna has dealt with in her family almost seems like a bad dream she can never wake up from."

"And now the latest with her daughter, it has been a process to deal with and something she's been dealing with for a while. This is yet another moment that Wynonna is trying to figure out, it's as if someone is playing a mean trick on her."

"As much as she seems to see things eventually work out, some kind of wrench is always thrown into the situation that changes the direction of everything immediately."

They continued, "Wynonna has been blessed with so much success but the way her personal life has spun out of control with lots of heartbreak, she would change all of her celebrity she's gained to absolutely nothing and would make sure that her family's life was in check because you learn sooner or later that is all that matters."

Documents reveal that Grace's alleged act of indecent exposure occurred at a busy intersection in Alabama, raising questions about her presence in the state, given her residency in Tennessee. The situation escalated when Grace reportedly refused to cooperate with law enforcement officers, further complicating the case.

According to AL.com, Grace exposed her breasts and lower body at the intersection of Interstate 65 and Highway 14.

DailyMail.com has reached out to the Millbrook Police Department for further information on the case, but details remain sparse at this time.

Wynonna Judd's expression of helplessness over daughter's arrest sparks discussion online

Readers online reflect a range of perspectives on the situation involving Wynonna Judd and her daughter Grace Pauline Kelley.

One user suggests that Grace's behavior may be influenced by genetic trauma, saying "Unfortunate, genetic trauma." 

Another user takes a critical stance toward Wynonna, suggesting "Wynonna probably was an awful mother but that excuse expired long ago. Grace is an adult as well as a MOTHER herself now. Act like the mother you never had OR hand her over to an actual adult that can provide a stable, loving home." 

Conversely, a different user expresses empathy for Wynonna, saying, "I feel Wynonna is doing the best for her. An addict has to want to change her or his life!" 

The other user commented, "I think Wynonna has suffered a few problems herself with her own Mom over the years."

Another user commented, "She's 27. Old enough to take responsibility for her own actions."

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