Internet backs Laura Ingraham as Fox News anchor criticizes Joe Biden for alleged 'physical decline'

'You are correct': Internet backs Laura Ingraham as Fox News anchor criticizes Joe Biden for alleged 'physical decline'
Laura Ingraham brutally slammed Joe Biden on his 'physical decline' (@radioingraham, @potus/Instagram)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham recently reacted to President Joe Biden’s declining popularity on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ and called out his ‘physical decline.’

This came following the 2024 Iowa GOP caucus as former president Donald Trump marked his victory and dominated the GOP.

Ingraham’s monologue was shared on Twitter by Fox News as many people on the internet supported and agreed with her remarks against Biden.

Laura Ingraham calls out Joe Biden’s ‘declining popularity’

Fox News took to X and wrote, “LAURA INGRAHAM: It's not just Joe Biden's physical decline that's evident.”


In Ingraham’s take, she said, “Now, more than two years later, despite everything the media has done to try to prop him up, it's not just Joe Biden's physical decline that's evident. There's chaos breaking out all over.”

“The invasion at the southern border has already fundamentally changed America and of course, that's what Biden's people wanted. Inflation that's dipped slightly, but Americans’ buying power has taken a major hit.”

She continued, “Groceries that cost you $100 in December of 2019 cost you $125 by the end of 2023. Thanks to Axios for that.”

Ingraham further said, “Now, over the course of the year, that adds up to real money to real people and none of that can be messaged away by Karine Jean-Pierre – by the way, but nice try.”

“Meanwhile, our effort to help protect Ukraine's borders, that hasn't panned out. Oops. Yeah. What's $100 billion among friends? And for a few hours on Saturday night, we wondered whether the White House grounds, their borders, were even safe.”

The Fox News host added, “A pro-Palestinian mob was trying to scale. They were rattling, trying to climb over the security fence screaming, "F Biden!" It turns out Hamas has some friends on the left, and since they're leftists, they're not going to be put in solitary confinement, and they're not going to be charged even with simple trespassing.”

“I know what you're thinking. "At least the Democrats have a great bench. Biden's going to step aside, Laura, and he's going to get someone else to step in." Like who? Gavin Newsom. Oh, that's hilarious,” Ingraham concluded.


Internet agrees with Laura Ingraham's remarks against Joe Biden

Many X users backed Laura Ingraham on her remarks.

One person wrote, “I agree, it's important to consider all aspects when evaluating a candidate for such a demanding role,” and another said, “Yea... that's true.”



An X user took a brutal jab at Biden, “We got a man who belongs in a old folks home and should be eating apple sauce and playing bingo pretending to run the country,” and another said, “Yeah you are correct it's everything from a to z in between it.”



One more person said, “Joe Biden’s physical decline reflects America’s decline after getting morally neutered by Israel.”



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