Zaiden Guy: Indiana teen charged with murder after convenience store robbery escalates to shooting

Zaiden Guy: Indiana teen charged with murder after convenience store robbery escalates to shooting
Zaiden Guy, 13, was waived to adult court and charged with murder (Grant Circuit Court)

MARION, INDIANA: A teenager has been charged with murder for killing a 24-year-old customer at a convenience store.

On Tuesday, May 14, the Grant Circuit Court judge read out the six felony adult charges, which include two counts of murder slapped against Zaiden Guy, 13.

"Do you believe yourself to be suffering from any mental or emotional disability that would affect your ability to understand the proceedings?” Judge Mark Spitzer asked Zaiden, to which he replied, “No, sir.”

Marion Circle K convenience store where the alleged murder took place (13WTHR/screengrab/YouTube)

Who was Byron Dennis Jr? 

As per police, the 13-year-old robbed a customer at a Marion Circle K convenience store on March 11, took his gun, and shot Byron Dennis Jr dead, as per 13WTHR.

Byron Dennis Jr was shot dead with his own gun (13WTHR/screengrab/YouTube)

Zaiden’s family members were present for his initial hearing and closely watched him respond to the judge over Zoom.

"I hate this. This is sad for Byron's family, for our family. No one wins. No one wins. Everyone's lives were destroyed that day," said Zaiden’s mother, Tomika Guy.


Zaiden Guy's mother defends him in the courtroom

The family is trying to hire a private attorney to defend Zaiden, they said in the courtroom.

"At this point, he's basically just an adult, like just out there by himself?” Tomika asked the judge after the completion of the hearing.

“That's up to him in terms of how much he wants to involve you in his defense and things like that, and with the attorney as well,” Judge Spitzer answered.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute data shows during last fiscal year, two 14-year-olds were waived to adult court.

"This child does not play with guns,” Tomika said. “I do not have guns in my home. My child does not be in the streets. He can be disrespectful, but that's with any child. But no, he's not this type of child," she defended Zaiden.

He continues to be in custody with no bond at a juvenile detention center. Zaiden’s trial is scheduled for October 28.

Maryland teen arrested after cops discover his multi-page mass shooting manifesto

MEAWW previously reported that a Maryland teen reportedly blue-printed his plans for two school shootings in a 129-page document that a tipster turned up to authorities, as stated by officials on Thursday, April 18

In a statement, the Montgomery County Police Department shared that Alex Ye, 18, of Rockville, was arrested and charged with threats of mass violence.

It also claimed that the 129-page document was acquired via a search warrant after an investigation by the FBI and police.

Authorities revealed, "In the document, Ye writes about committing a school shooting, and strategizes how to carry out the act. Ye also contemplates targeting an elementary school and says that he wants to be famous."

The 18-year-old allegedly "strategized on how to access the easiest classrooms in his high school."

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