Zak Moyer: Pennsylvania man murders neighbor with knife and chainsaw while wearing 'Scream' mask

Zak Moyer: Pennsylvania man murders neighbor with knife and chainsaw while wearing 'Scream' mask
Zak Moyer is facing homicide charges for hacking his neighbor to death (Police handout, Paramount Pictures)

Warning: This content contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion is advised.

CARBON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA: A Pennsylvania man is facing homicide charges after allegedly murdering his neighbor with a knife and chainsaw while dressed up as the Ghostface killer from the 'Scream'.

Zak Russell Moyer, 30, reportedly confessed that he went to 59-year-old Edward Whitehead Jr's home "with the purpose of scaring him" after the two had an argument, WNEP reports. Whitehead Jr was found gravely injured in his home on Carbon Street after being assaulted with a chainsaw and a knife. He was taken to St Luke's Hospital where died fighting for his life. 

Zak Moyer wanted to 'kill Ed the neighbor'

Zak believed that Whitehead was a murderer and after an altercation, he gained access to Whitehead's home where he arrived dressed in the all-black 'Scream' costume. Zak was carrying a small chainsaw that ran on batteries and a knife. "This was not just a random attack. They did know each other," a trooper told WFMZ.

Moyer then used his Reapr fixed-blade knife to stab Whitehead in the head and then returned to his own home and watched a movie. The next day, police responded to the neighborhood.

After investigating, cops narrowed down on the suspect after noticing a man wearing a 'Scream' costume in surveillance footage leaving the backdoor of Whitehead's home. 

Zak Moyer believed Edward Whitehead killed 'women and kids'

Zak allegedly told cops that he believed that Whitehead killed women and children last summer, an allegation that cops are not investigating. Zak reportedly communicated with authorities outside of his home using handwritten notes. He wrote in one of the notes, "Ed murdered women and kids. Eddie Junior murdered women and kids last summer."

However, after looking up the Pennsylvania Court System it was found that Whitehead Jr had never been charged with a crime. Zak eventually surrendered to the cops. He also tried to hide the costume he was wearing while committing the gruesome murder. Cops found the chainsaw and knife after a search warrant was carried out at his home.

After Zak was taken into custody, his father Francis Moyer reportedly harassed the Whitehead family leading to his arrest on harassment and related charges. 

Zak Moyer's sister reportedly told the court that her brother had mentioned that "he wanted to kill Ed the neighbor" approximately a week ago, as reported by Crime Online.

After being charged with homicide before District Judge Eric Schrantz, Zak Moyer was taken to the Carbon County Jail and is currently being detained without bond.

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