50 Cent says baby mama Daphne Joy’s rape accusations motivated by her 'misguided loyalty' to Diddy

50 Cent says baby mama Daphne Joy’s rape accusations motivated by her 'misguided loyalty' to Diddy
50 Cent's lawyer claims Daphne Joy Narvaez's accusations are tied to Diddy (Getty Images and Instagram/@daphnejoy)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 50 Cent’s lawyer is claiming Daphne Joy Narvaez’s rape accusations against the ‘In Da Club’ rapper are partially motivated by her “loyalty” to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, has been called a “rapist” by the mother of his son Sire.

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50 Cent’s lawyer blames Daphne Joy Narvaez’s ‘loyalty’ to Diddy

In a statement shared with Us Weekly, 50’s lawyer Reena Jain slammed Daphne Joy Narvaez, saying, “Despite being given ample opportunity to retract a false and malicious retaliatory accusation, Ms. Narvaez has shamefully chosen to interfere with her 11-year-old son’s relationship with his loving father by falsely calling him a ‘rapist.’”

The 48-year-old rapper dated Narvaez from 2011 to 2013. After their split in 2013, the ex-couple has been co-parenting their son Sire. 

His lawyer continued in the statement, “The motivation behind this appears to be Ms. Narvaez’s unfortunate entanglement and misguided loyalty to Mr. Combs, who we believe to be underwriting this attack and whom Mr. Jackson has been warning Ms. Narvaez and others about for many years.”

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50 Cent sues Daphne Joy Narvaez

The statement from the ‘Many Men’ rapper’s lawyer came soon after the news broke that the rapper is suing his former girlfriend after she “falsely and publicly” accused him of “rape and physical abuse” during their relationship.

The rapper also claimed that Narvaez’s accusations are hurting his relationship with his son.

According to the court documents, Narvaez made “purposeful attempt to, on information and belief, destroy his personal and business reputation, harm Jackson’s commercial and business interests, negatively affect his custody case, and prevent him from seeing his minor son.”

In a statement to Us Weekly, the rapper added that his ex-girlfriend made “false and baseless accusations” against him.

The ‘Baby by Me’ rapper claimed that following Narvaez’s accusations, he was “subjected to extensive public ridicule, hatred, and contempt” and that he is looking to “vindicate his rights and protect his reputation” from her “calculated attack.” 

He is also requesting the court to grant him punitive and exemplary damages for “severe harm” caused by the model’s “false and defamatory statements.”

Recent court documents further revealed that Narvaez was named a “sex worker” in a case against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and added that 50 Cent did not know “the full extent and nature” of her relationship with Diddy.

The court documents continued to say that after discovering the claims against Sire’s mother, 50 Cent decided to “take legal action to protect his son” and filed for sole custody

Once this news broke, Narvaez took to her Instagram to accuse 50 Cent.

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The recently filed court documents stated, “The Defamatory Post contains false and malicious statements of fact that expose Jackson to hatred, contempt, or aversion, or induce an evil or unsavory opinion of Jackson, in the minds of the public,” before noting that it was “made with the specific intent to” impact the custody case.

“Jackson has suffered, and will continue to suffer, substantial damages, to which he is entitled to recover in an amount to be determined at trial,” claimed the lawyers.

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