Anthony Scaramucci says letting Biden serve another four years in office would be 'political malpractice'

Anthony Scaramucci says letting Joe Biden serve another four years in office would be 'political malpractice'
Anthony Scaramucci suggested the Democratic Party should replace Joe Biden with a better candidate (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Anthony Scaramucci, a former Trump administration official who now supports President Joe Biden, sharply criticized the notion that the incumbent could continue as president for another term.

Speaking on the 'Cats & Cosby Show' on Friday, July 5, the former financier expressed, "I don’t think he can make it to the election. I’m just being brutally honest. I don’t think he can make the next four years," as per the New York Post. He added, "It’s political malpractice at this point to suggest otherwise." 

Anthony Scaramucci says it will likely be a Kamala Harris v Donald Trump election

Scaramucci went on to advocate for a replacement on the Democratic presidential ticket, suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris as a likely contender to face off against former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

"The Democrats should put an opponent up that can put sentences together and has some neuro-flexibility," noted the SkyBridge Capital founder, adding, "Kamala Harris will likely be the nominee. It will likely be a Trump versus Harris election this coming November. I don’t see any way around that at this point."

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Anthony Scaramucci advocated for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election (Getty Images)

In a subsequent X (formerly Twitter) post, Scaramucci wrote, "I am voting for Joe Biden. If he comes out of the race I am voting for Donald Trump’s opponent."


Anthony Scaramucci says Joe Biden isn't handling himself well

Scaramucci, who attended a ritzy post-debate Biden campaign fundraiser in East Hampton over the weekend, described the president as looking "frail."

The former White House communications director shared, "He’s not handling himself well. You’d have to imagine that a 2025 version of Joe Biden will probably not be an improvement."

He also revealed there was a moment during the fundraiser when something Biden said about his age made him feel sympathy for the president.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - AUGUST 20: : Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appears oh stage with
Jill Biden has been actively involved in campaign events, rallies, and fundraisers in support of Joe Biden's reelection bid (Getty Images)

"He was up on a podium … His wife [first lady Jill Biden] introduced him … Before he got on the prompter, he said [to her], ‘When we met, we had a nine-year difference in age. It’s incredible to me that we’re now 25 years apart’ – meaning he’s 25 years older than her. He was saying that as a joke, but I felt for him," said Scaramucci.

Biden, who is the oldest president in US history, maintains that his health and cognitive abilities have not deteriorated since assuming office in 2021.

Despite calls for him to withdraw following a poorly received debate against Trump, which has led to a significant change in polls, the incumbent remains committed to continuing in the race. Should he secure a second term, Biden would reach the age of 86 by the end of his tenure in the White House.

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