'Anything is possible, but..': Tom Cruise not ready to date despite Irina Shayk's interest, sources say

'Anything is possible, but..': Tom Cruise not ready to date despite Irina Shayk's interest, sources say
Irina Shayk reportedly listed Tom Cruise as her potential boyfriend (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Tom Cruise might not be ready to start dating again soon following his recent breakup with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova.

Reports suggest that Irina Shayk considered Tom Cruise as a potential boyfriend after ending an on-off fling with NFL legend Tom Brady. However, despite feeling flattered, the 61-year-old actor remains devoted to his upcoming film project.

“Tom is flattered that someone as beautiful as Irina would consider him relationship material – but as much as he is flattered, Tom's first love is making movies, and that is going to take up most of his time," sources told DailyMail.

The source added, “Whoever he does eventually get involved with will have to deal with that. Would he ever meet Irina and see if sparks were to fly? Anything is possible, but Tom and Irina ever dating would lean towards the impossible.”

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 30: Tom Cruise attends 10th Annual Lumiere Awards at Warner Bros. Stud
Tom Cruise is currently filming his upcoming 'Mission Impossible' film in Europe(Getty Images)

Why did Brady-Shayk relationship fizzle out?

PageSix recently reported on Shayk’s search for a new partner, stating, "Irina is exploring options both in Europe and the USA," according to an insider.

“She is searching, but her dating pool is a tiny group of people. She needs someone famous, good-looking, and money. How many of those are there? Five, ten?” the insider added.

Regarding her split with Tom Brady, the source claimed that Brady's hectic schedule was the sole reason.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attends the TAG Heuer
Tom Brady was in an on-off relationship with Irina Shayk before the pair finally split (Getty Images)

“If Tom Brady had more time for love, he would be all about it and would likely still be dating Irina,” the source explained. “He really thinks she is great. But Tom is keeping himself busy with his businesses, being a part of the sports teams he owns, getting ready for his commentating job next year, and being a father. It is busy being Tom Brady, for all that he can do, he can't make days last 36 hours.”

Irina Shayk attends the
Irina Shayk was previously dating football star Tom Brady (Getty Images)

Netizens assess Tom and Irina's dating prospects

The internet responded to Cruise's decision to take a break from dating and his lack of interest in pursuing Shayk.

One person wrote, "Something about this woman is cunning."

"I never found her that attractive. Very hard face," a user commented on Irina's look.

Another joked, "Tom is too busy being in a relationship with himself."

A commenter chimed in, saying, "I imagine she's relieved about that 😂."

"She’s probably 6-7' taller than he is," an online user poked fun at Tom's height. A user opined, "Tom is very wise👍❤️"

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