Bailey Bettinson and Tevin Medina: Couple charged with manslaughter after newborn daughter found dead with flesh-eroding diaper rash

Bailey Bettinson and Tevin Medina: Couple charged with manslaughter after newborn daughter found dead with flesh-eroding diaper rash
Wyoming couple Tevin Medina and Bailey Bettinson were charged with the murder of Little Renezmae Medina (Unita County Sheriff's Office, Crandall Funeral Home)

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UINTA COUNTY, WYOMING: A couple from Wyoming was arrested and charged with manslaughter after their newborn daughter was found inside a filthy, trash-filled home and was treated inhumanely.

The Uinta County Attorney, Loretta Howieson-Kallas, filed charges against Tevin Medina, 30, and Bailey Bettinson, 22.

Couple to face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty

As per Cowboy State Daily, each parent faced charges of felony child abuse and manslaughter following the death of their daughter in October 2023.

Little Renezmae Medina was found unconscious at her home at the Rocky Point Apartments on Feather Way early on October 20, in the wee hours of the morning.

The medical staff at Evanston Regional discovered the nine-month-old infant's horrific diaper rash, which was eroding her flesh, while conducting an abuse and neglect screening, according to the Unita County Herald.

The couple could spend up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of manslaughter and an additional 10 years if they are found guilty of abusing children.

According to court documents, medical staff discovered "unexplained bruising in the peri area," which encompasses the tissues surrounding the bottom of the pelvic cavity.

Investigators claimed that the child also had significant abrasions on her right leg, right buttock, and vaginal area.

As per court records, medical staff also advised investigators that the abrasions resulted from a severe diaper rash that seemed to be penetrating both the flesh and the skin.

The State Medical Examiner, Randall Frost, told the news outlet that while he "could not rule out an asphyxia death," he was still conducting further investigation after his autopsy failed to reveal the child's cause of death.

Little Renezmae Medina was found dead surrounded by filthy living conditions

At approximately 4:27 am on October 20, Evanston Police Department Detective Scott Faddis responded to a report of an unconscious infant at the Rocky Point Apartments, located at 215 Feather Way.

When Faddis got there, the baby's mother was giving her daughter CPR. According to an affidavit, the baby was cold to the touch and was going into rigor mortis when he touched her skin.

The Cowboy State Daily stated that the baby's father later told police that he took his other stepchild, a three-year-old girl, outside of the house so they wouldn't have to see their unresponsive sibling.

In an affidavit, investigators stated that the couple's house was filthy, with pet feces and urine all over the walls and floors. Atop a pile of trash was rotting food and a dirty diaper with exposed feces. 

Throughout their investigation, detectives had to take breaks due to the unbearable smell coming from the apartment. Police were reportedly informed by a neighbor that they could smell the stench emanating from the apartment.

The state further claimed that the victim and Medina's stepdaughter were subjected to additional risks in the house, such as a sharp steak knife next to dried vomit on the floor of the children's bedroom, an exposed hunting knife on top of a clothes dryer, and Medina's tattoo gun and needles near the young children.

The defendant's residence was found to be unsafe

The affidavit stated that the defendant's residence had "filthy unsafe living conditions," which led the Wyoming Department of Family Services to place Medina's stepdaughter under protective custody.

According to an affidavit, management called the police because they were concerned about the children's subpar living conditions, and an Evanston Police Department officer visited the couple's home one month prior to the baby's death.

"The residence was littered with animal feces, rotten odors, mold, clothes and many other dirty items," according to court papers.

Photos from management were also given to the police, and the Department of Family Services received them along with the incident report.

According to the affidavit, the DFS visited the house twice more for inadequate living conditions, on September 6, 2022, and September 21, 2022. 

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