Barack Obama reveals his NCAA March Madness brackets for men’s and women’s teams, Internet says ‘good picks’

Barack Obama reveals his NCAA March Madness brackets for men’s and women’s teams, Internet says ‘good picks’
Former President Barack Obama released his brackets for the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Former President Barack Obama has always been known as an aficionado of basketball and he has never shied away from showing his enthusiasm.

Ever since the former commander-in-chief of the US came under the public eye, he has enjoyed being a part of the March Madness.

Since 2009, Obama has enthusiastically filled out his NCAA Tournament brackets each year, though “not necessarily” picking a winner always, per CBS Sports.


While the 62-year-old Democrat has mostly shared his brackets through television and social media, this year, he has deviated from this tradition of sharing his NCAA Tournament brackets. 

Appearing on the new podcast titled ‘Ways to Win’, Obama chose his brackets for both men's and women’s teams during March Madness. He chalked the finale between UConn and Kentucky for the men’s championship and South Carolina and Iowa for the women’s.

Barack Obama picked his NCSAA brackets (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Barack Obama picked his NCAA brackets (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Barack Obama shares his brackets

‘Ways to Win’ is a new podcast produced by his Higher Ground production company that debuted on Tuesday, March 19.

Obama participated in a candid conversation about basketball by appearing on the new podcast hosted by Craig Robinson (Obama's brother-in-law) and Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari.

Though the debut episode focused on sports, in the future, celebrities from fields like sports, business, and entertainment are expected to grace the podcast to discuss their path to success.

Barack Obama's Men's NCAA Bracket (X/@BarackObama)
Barack Obama's men's NCAA bracket (X/@BarackObama)

Nevertheless, with March Madness looming near, the episode focused on basketball and the ex-president’s brackets.

Before announcing his picks, Obama recalled the first time he chose his brackets, saying, "The first year I did this, 2009, right? I'd been sworn in. And I picked North Carolina. ... And they won.”

He continued, “And my bracket was beautiful and people were pretty impressed. They thought, 'Look at the President United States. He's in the top 4% of all the people who enter in their brackets publicly'."

Sharing his feelings on public accreditation, Obama added, “And I was kind of feeling it, and I thought, 'You know what, I think this is what's going to happen every year'."

However, he quipped later, "And I'm pretty sure each year I've lost since then. So, I have not necessarily picked a winner [lately]."

Barack Obama's Women's Bracket (X/@BarackObama)
Barack Obama's women's bracket (X/@BarackObama)

Following making his precautionary remarks, Obama chose his top four for both men's and women’s games.

For the men’s side, while he predicted UConn, Baylor, Purdue, and Calipari’s Kentucky to be in the top four, while the two teams reaching the finals would be UConn and Kentucky. Obama is rooting for UConn to emerge as the national winner though.

For the women’s championship, his picks for the top four were South Carolina, Stanford, Iowa, and USC, with South Carolina taking away the winner’s trophy. 

Internet reacts to Barack Obama's brackets

As Obama shared his picks, basketball fans flocked to various social media platforms to give their views.

One user said, "Just listened to your podcast, great picks! Looking forward to more episodes."


Someone else exclaimed, "Interesting... Very interesting, sir! 🤔👌."


"Just tuned in to the latest episode of Ways To Win and honestly, your picks have given me a lot to think about for my own bracket. Also, having @UKCoachCalipari break down the strategy was pure gold. College basketball podcasts really hit different during March Madness!" said another fan.


"Nice! Looking forward to hearing your picks. No promises on not rubbing it in, though! Podcast sounds awesome," commented another fan.


Another user chimed in, "Obama stating the obvious fact and predictions not bad. Good picks."


"Back-to-Back champions? Hasn't happened since 2006-2007 Florida. I don't agree with you on much @BarackObama - but I am liking that call. I like Wisconsin over Houston in the Sweet 16, though...and Arizona going to the Elite 8 in the West...," observed a social media user. 


Someone else quipped, "Mr. President, after looking at your previous years picks, let’s just say, I’m glad you were more successful in the Oval Office than you were in picking basketball winners. 😂 😆 😝 Two winners out of the last 14 years. 😓I admire your perseverance! 🏀 🏀🏀."


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