‘He’s at his breaking point’: Ben Affleck in ‘really dark place’ amid JLo marriage woes, claims source

Ben Affleck in ‘really dark place’ amid marriage woes with Jennifer Lopez, source says ‘he’s at his breaking point’
Ben Affleck's friends raised concerns about his well-being amid marital strife with Jennifer Lopez (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Friends of Ben Affleck are reportedly concerned about his somber mood following his rumored separation from Jennifer Lopez.

The concerns arose after Lopez's mother reportedly advised her daughter that Affleck is not the right person for her and encouraged her to proceed with divorce proceedings.

Most recently, public attention has been drawn to the estranged couple as they were seen removing their belongings from the mansion they shared during their marriage.

Reports suggest that their million-dollar mansion is now listed for sale amid swirling rumors of an impending divorce.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend Amazon Studios' World Premiere Of
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck listed their million-dollar mansion for sale amid swirling divorce rumors (Getty Images)

People close to Ben Affleck raise concerns as he's in ‘a dark place’

Ben Affleck is seen on May 11, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)
Ben Affleck's marriage issues with Jennifer Lopez have reprotedly taken a toll on him (Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

While neither Affleck nor Lopez has publicly addressed their reported marital issues, fans have witnessed the Oscar winner becoming visibly frustrated with paparazzi, potentially due to mounting stress.

"It's not surprising he snapped," explained an insider about his encounter on June 23 when he slammed on the brakes and jumped out of his car to scold photographers gathered outside his house.

 "He’s at his breaking point," said a source, as per In Touch.

Affleck has always been transparent with his emotions. People close to him have expressed worries about his well-being.

"People close to Ben have been concerned about him for some time because of what he’s gone through in the past couple of months. He’s in a really dark place and when he gets like this, they can’t help but fear the worst." 

Despite these concerns, insiders highlight that Affleck has "managed to stay fully sober" and is focusing on his three children: Violet, 18, Finn, 15, and Samuel, 12.

 "A lot of his second-guessing his marriage to JLo happened because he saw how much his divorce from Jen and the frenzy over his relationship with J Lo affected his children," the source added. 

As Affleck and Lopez continue to divide their shared assets, their future remains uncertain, but Affleck's friends are vigilant and concerned about his mental well-being.

Jennifer Lopez's mother Guadalupe Rodriguez wants her to focus on career and kids

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA: In this image released on May 2, (L-R) Jennifer Lopez and Guadalupe Rodríguez
Jennifer Lopez's mother Guadalupe Rodriguez asked her to file for divorce and move on in life (Getty Images)

According to reports, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Lopez's mother, is advising her daughter to terminate her marriage with Affleck. Furthermore, she is urging Lopez to shift her focus to her career and her 16-year-old twins, Emme and Max. 

Rodriguez said to Lopez, "Cut your losses and move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess." 

"She told her that she's wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor," the source claimed. 

"It's upsetting to her family and Jennifer that Ben cannot see there is a woman who is loved by millions that will love him eternally – but he would rather throw in the towel than actually just try to fix things," the source added. 

Rodriguez allegedly feels that Lopez has spent years romanticizing Affleck, only to be let down by reality.

"He was not the person she built him up to be. It's taken too much of a toll on her and because of this she has lost sight of who she is and what she stands for."

"Jennifer currently feels like Ben does not deserve her and her sisters agree. They want Jennifer to be happy, of course, but they feel their sister is getting so caught up in what it was supposed to be that she isn't seeing it for what it is now," the source asserted.

"They want her to file for divorce first and get on with her life – focus on her kids and career."

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