Bill Maher says Joe Biden has 'more to prove' in debate with Donald Trump because 'he's losing'

Bill Maher says Joe Biden has 'more to prove' in debate with Donald Trump because 'he's losing'
Bill Maher said Joe Biden is debating Donald Trump because he's aware of his loss (Getty Images, Real Time with Bill Maher/YouTube)

WASHINGTON, DC: In a recent episode of his HBO talk show, 'Real Time with Bill Maher', Maher made a bold claim about President Joe Biden’s decision to challenge Donald Trump to two debates.

Maher said this move indicates that Biden is aware of his dwindling popularity and is desperate to regain ground.

Joe Biden challenges Donald Trump to two debates

For weeks, former president Donald Trump and his team have been trying to goad President Joe Biden into a debate.

Trump also challenged Biden for debate by posts on Truth Social amid his hush money trial.

Finally, the presidential nominees agreed to debate on June 27 in Atlanta and scheduled a next one on September 10.

Trump immediately accepted with his typical bluster, declaring, "I have accepted a fourth Presidential Debate against Crooked Joe Biden," despite his poor 2020 performances.

I have accepted a fourth Presidential Debate against Crooked Joe Biden (Donald J Trump/ Truth Social)
Donald Trump accepted presidential debate against 'Crooked' Joe Biden (@realDonaldTrump/Truth Social)

Maher claimed that Biden only agreed to these debates, something Trump goaded him about for the whole campaign, because of his bad polls.

“To me it says Biden knows he’s losing because otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed, Only the loser wants to debate,” he said.

Pictured (L-R): Joe Biden, Donald Trump (YouTube/Joe Biden, Washington Post)
Joe Biden, Donald Trump are going to debate on June 27 (YouTube/Joe Biden, Washington Post)

Bill Maher’s take on Joe Biden’s position: They want to see proof of life

Maher went on to express his belief that Biden has more to prove in these debates than Trump.

“I think the guy who has more to prove is Biden. Trump is a known commodity. They know he’s gonna be an a*****e," Maher said according to Daily Mail.


"He’s gonna be lurking and growling and not obeying the rules and everything else. But Biden, they want to see proof of life,” he said.

Maher also echoed the conservative line that Biden, as it stands, has no chance of winning and his poll numbers - six months from the election - are grisly.

"And he is losing in all the swing states I think except Wisconsin and by bigger and bigger numbers," he said. 

Maher then suggested that the Democrats would stand a better chance of winning if they convinced Biden to bow out and put up a younger candidate. “Is it too late to switch out?” he asked.

Internet reacts to Bill Maher’s comments on Joe Biden

Netizens reacted to Maher’s comments on Biden’s decision to challenge Trump to two debates and the majority agreed to what he said.

“Biden isn’t making it to the finish line. They’ll trot Newsom out at the last minute. It’s gotta be the last minute so there’s no time for scrutiny on his abysmal record in CA. Dems will be thrilled to have someone that he can finish a sentence. He’ll prob win,” wrote one user.

“A rehearsal debate. I like it,” wrote another, suggesting that the early debate could be a strategic move by the Democrats.

“Democrats know they’re running out of time, and they want a rehearsal debate to see if they’re going to swap out Biden pre-convention. BOOM,” another user echoed the same sentiment.

“You have just told the truth the Whole truth, and those in power should be held accountable,” commented another user, seemingly in agreement with Maher’s assessment.

“Having it in June so if he bombs they can replace him at the August Dem convention,” one more user speculated about the timing of the debates.

“Biden won’t be the candidate. I’ve said this for a year,” another user predicted a switch in the Democratic candidate.







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