‘Trapped in her trauma age’: Britney Spears’ fans express concern as psychiatrist links singer’s erratic behavior to being off medication

‘Trapped in her trauma age’: Britney Spears’ fans express concern as psychiatrist links singer’s erratic behavior to being off medication
Britney Spears' recent struggles with her mental health have sparked widespread concern and discussion (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Renowned psychiatrist Dr Charles Sophy recently shared his concerns about Britney Spears' mental health in light of her recent erratic behavior on social media.

Speaking to various media outlets, including TMZ, Dr Sophy expressed his professional opinion that Spears may be off her medication and experiencing significant instability.

Psychiatrist warns of Britney Spears' unstable behavior post-conservatorship

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 21:  Entertainer Britney Spears attends the iHeartRadio Music Festival at
Britney Spears' controversial 13-year conservatorship began in 2008 (Getty Images)

Dr Sophy highlighted the importance of the conservatorship that was in place for Spears, suggesting that it provided necessary structure, supervision, and medication management for someone with her level of mental illness. He emphasized that while the conservatorship may not have been perfect, it served a crucial purpose in maintaining stability and ensuring proper treatment.

"When you have a mental illness to this degree, you need that kind of structure, supervision, and most importantly, to take your medication," he said.

"I think that's probably what's happened here. This is a 'no medication' situation."

"The erratic behavior, the manic-y spending of money, recklessness, she's out of control on many levels," he continued.

According to Sophy, Spears could experience a variety of uncomfortable outcomes if she remains unmedicated.

"These kinds of situations run into a wall eventually. Either she'll hurt herself, she might hurt someone else or she could be 5150-ed because she's not being able to take care of herself," he explained.

"And any of those situations will push her to a place where then medication can be given to her against her will."

He also acknowledged that while a judge might be hesitant to impose a new conservatorship on her, especially given the public backlash and abuse allegations surrounding her previous one, he hoped any decision made would prioritize what was "in the best interest of that patient".

"Look at it. She slowly is unraveling and [the conservatorship] was in place and she wasn't unraveling," he said. "She might not have been happy, but she was stable."

This follows claims from a source alleging that the 'Toxic' singer is currently "dangerously unstable" and lacks the protection afforded by a conservatorship. The source further asserts that the 42-year-old has been extravagantly spending money on luxurious trips, including booking presidential suites at the Four Seasons, despite financial constraints.

"She had $60 million when the conservatorship ended, and she's now where the conservatorship started, in danger of going broke," the source said.

Internet reacts to psychiatrist's claims about Britney Spears' mental health post-conservatorship

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 12:  Honoree Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at
Britney Spears is reportedly spending lavishly and is close to going broke (Getty Images)

Britney Spears' recent struggles with her mental health, particularly in the wake of the termination of her conservatorship, have sparked widespread concern and discussion on social media. Following comments from psychiatrist Dr Charles Sophy regarding Spears' alleged instability, social media users have been sharing their thoughts on the situation.

One user said, "She’s trapped in her trauma age. This is not abnormal. To expect her to be able to “grow up” now is absurd. I don’t think she needs a conservatorship back, she needs to go inpatient and get some real help but on her terms." 

Others expressed concern about the termination of Spears' conservatorship, suggesting that it may have been premature.

One user said, "I’m sorry but there are people out there with severe mental health issues that lack capacity for decision making. She is one of them. The conservatorship should have never ended. I fear for her safety. I believe we are witnessing the downfall which is incredibly sad."

Several users called for compassionate intervention to ensure Spears receives the help she needs while still allowing her autonomy and agency over her life.

"She’s sick and it’s very sad because those closest to her have taken advantage of her and her fortune. She truly needs to be on medication and monitored, but still allowed to live her life. The unfortunate thing with those that suffer from mental health disorders is that many don’t think they need their medication so they stop and then they’re back to square one. It’s a cycle, a sad one. If there were someone that could assist her without taking advantage she could thrive. I had to stop watching her on IG because it saddens me every time I see her," a user remarked.

Another user commented, "I wish Britney all the best health and happiness."

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