Cardi B and Offset set for New Year's eve concert clash in Miami hotel, Internet says 'they'd be lucky to get 10 people'

Cardi B and Offset set for New Year's eve concert clash in Miami hotel, Internet says 'they'd be lucky to get 10 people'
Cardi B and Offset will both be at the same location for a New Year's eve extravaganza (Instagram)

FLORIDA, MIAMI: The drama between rapper Cardi B and Offset is set to escalate as the former couple will go head-to-head with performances at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami on New Year's Eve.

The exes are scheduled to play different venues within the same hotel, drawing anticipation and speculation from fans.

Exes to clash at Fountainbleu hotel in Miami

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 25: Offset and Cardi B attend the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Sal
Cardi B's emotional Instagram rant has sparked concern and speculation (Getty images)

The booking was made before Cardi B confirmed the breakup, citing allegations of cheating against Offset. Despite their relationship turmoil, both artists will fulfill their commitments at the Fountainbleu Hotel. Cardi B acknowledged the breakup on social media, expressing her disinterest in uncovering the truth and emphasizing her single status.

“I don’t care to find out because I’ve been single for a minute now,” she told her social media followers last week.

Cardi B is set to perform at the hotel's luxurious pool alongside DJ Gryffin, while Offset will take the stage at the hot club, LIV. The simultaneous performances in different venues add a layer of intrigue to their New Year's Eve showdown. Tickets for the events range from $125 to $25,000, attracting a diverse audience.

The clash between the two artists has generated considerable buzz, with users offering diverse opinions on the upcoming event. 

One user expressed doubt, saying, "2 of the most irreverent artists. They would be lucky to get 10 people."

Another user conveyed optimism and support, stating, "Never thought I'd say this, but I hope Cardi wins."

Cardi B's emotional Instagram rant

Cardi B took to social media on Friday in an emotional and expletive-filled rant, accusing her ex-husband Offset of mistreatment. The rapper, who helped promote Offset's latest album, expressed her frustration, alleging that he had not shown gratitude for her support.

Cardi poured her heart out on Instagram Live, shedding light on the challenges she faced during vulnerable times. She accused Offset of playing games with her emotions, particularly when she was not feeling confident. In the emotional video, she stated, "A m**a f**ka will play in your f**king face, over and over again, until you be like watch what I'm about to do, watch what I'm about to say. This m***a f**ka really likes to play games with me when I'm at my most vulnerable time. When I'm not the most confident." 

The rapper further revealed that Offset celebrated his birthday with a star-studded party, while she refrained from doing anything. She emphasized that Offset knows she's not an easy person, and despite the challenges, she chose to stay home and chill.


"He likes to play games with me 'cause he knows I'm not an easy girl," she said. "He knows, yesterday, I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been doing this and that. He knows I'm in my house. He knows that I'm chilling. He knows I'm not doing the most."

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