Cindy Warren: PA mom charged with torturing girl, 12, to death served time in murder of 2-year-old daughter with ex-husband

Cindy Warren: PA mom charged with torturing girl, 12, to death served time in murder of 2-year-old daughter with ex-husband
Cindy Warren, who is accused of torturing Malinda, 12, to death previously let her ex-husband McKinley Warren Jr murder his toddler daughter (Chester County District Attorney, Monroe County Court Records)

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CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA: Cindy Warren, a Pennsylvania mother facing charges in the torture death of her 12-year-old stepdaughter Malinda, has a troubled history marked by a previous conviction related to the murder of her two-year-old daughter with her ex-husband.

Warren, 45, along with her fiance Rendell Hoagland, 52, stands accused in the tragic demise of Malinda, whose condition shocked authorities upon discovery.

Cindy Warren and Rendell Hoagland are charged in his daughter's death
(West Caln Township Police Department)

What really happened to Malinda?

Malinda, found barely alive, weighed a mere 50 pounds and suffered from severe injuries, including multiple broken bones and liver damage.

"She was covered in bruises. She had a half dozen broken bones, at least. Her organs were failing and ultimately she died while she was being treated at the hospital," said Chester County District Attorney Christopher L de Barrena-Sarobe. However, this isn't the first instance of Warren's involvement in child abuse.

Malinda was found after Rendell Hoagland called 911 claiming his daughter hit a tree while riding her bicycle and lost consciousness (Chester County District Attorney)

Who was Jessica Bock?

In a previous case, she served prison time after collaborating with prosecutors against her ex-husband, McKinley Warren Jr, in the murder of their two-year-old daughter, Jessica Bock.

In 2000, Jessica's death unfolded under circumstances chillingly reminiscent of Malinda's demise. The Warrens brought her to the hospital, claiming she had fallen from a stationary car and sustained head trauma, as documented by the Pocono Record.

Police said Cindy Warren is partly to blame for the 2000 death her stepdaughter Jessica Bock (FindAGrave)
Police said Cindy Warren is partly to blame for the 2000 death of her stepdaughter Jessica Bock (FindAGrave)

Tragically, Jessica met her end after Warren neglected her, citing "she had painted her nails." Instead of tending to Jessica, Warren called her ex-husband, McKinley, who was drinking at a bar, to come home and change the toddler's diaper. In a turn of events, McKinley fatally injured Jessica during the diaper-changing process.

Cindy Warren and McKinley Warren Jr also abused their toddler son Isaiah

Further, in a 2009 agreement with prosecutors, she admitted to allowing McKinley to abuse their then three-year-old son Isaiah, resulting in a prison sentence of three to seven years. While not directly charged in Jessica's murder, authorities held Warren partly responsible for her death. "At any time, she could have identified her husband as the one who caused her stepdaughter's death and abused her son, but she refused to do so," said Capt William Parrish.

"Instead, she lied with her husband about how Jessica got hurt and left it to a neighbor to report Isaiah's abuse. Whenever neighbors complained about her and her husband being drunk, loud and boisterous and we responded to their home, she would be the one who remained loud and disorderly while her husband calmed down, so she would be the one taken away," he added, per Daily Mail.

Insights into the abuse of Malinda

Now, nearly 25 years after Jessica's death, Warren, alongside her new partner Hoagland, faces severe charges, including attempted criminal homicide, assault, and kidnapping, in connection to Malinda's untimely demise.

As the investigation into Malinda's death unfolds, chilling details have emerged. The couple allegedly deleted incriminating evidence, including videos showcasing the extent of Malinda's suffering. Reports suggest Malinda endured brutal treatment, including being shackled to furniture and subjected to verbal abuse.

"The video showed that they would punish her by demanding strenuous exercise such as squats and running in place while she was still shackled and they showed she would be punished for slights by being denied food," said de Barrena-Sarobe.

According to reports, additional videos depict Malinda being forced to sleep on the floor while restrained with chains, deprived of a pillow or blankets, and being instructed not to expect breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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