'Deplorable' Hillary Clinton slammed as she endorses George Latimer over 'Squad' member Rep Jamaal Bowman in New York Democratic primary

'Deplorable' Hillary Clinton slammed as she endorses George Latimer over 'Squad' member Rep Jamaal Bowman in New York Democratic primary
Hillary Clinton urged voters to pick George Latimer (R) over Jamaal Bowman (M) in the New York Democratic primary (Getty Images, @LatimerforNY/X)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Hillary Clinton has endorsed Rep Jamaal Bowman's primary challenger just shy of two weeks before their contest.

The former secretary of state praised Westchester County Executive George Latimer as a "principled" Democrat, without mentioning the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on the contentious race.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 18: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting at the Hilton Midtown on September 18, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by John Nacion/WireImage)
Hillary Clinton called George Latimer a 'strong and principled Democrat' (John Nacion/WireImage)

Hillary Clinton says strong and principled Democrats like George Latimer are needed in Congress

Clinton took to X (formerly Twitter) to write, "With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever. In Congress, @LatimerforNY will protect abortion rights, stand up to the NRA, and fight for President Biden’s agenda—just like he’s always done. Make a plan to vote by June 25th!"


A recent survey by Emerson College Polling/PIX11/The Hill shows Latimer holding a significant lead over Bowman, 48% to 31%.

The effect of Clinton's endorsement on the campaign remains uncertain. Jay Jacobs, the chairman of the New York State Democratic Party, remarked that the former first lady's endorsement is a significant advantage for Latimer and might sway undecided voters, as per the New York Post.

"When Hillary says something, people listen," said Jacobs, who is no fan of Bowman, adding, "She is extraordinarily popular in the Democratic Party. She’s well regarded and trusted."

Hazel Dukes, the president of the NAACP's New York State chapter, stated that "Bill and Hillary Clinton remain popular figures within the Democratic Party," but doubts Hillary's endorsement for Latimer would significantly influence the outcome of the race.

She remarked, "It’s about everyday issues. The economy, inflation. They’re intelligent voters."

"Of course, you want to get Hillary’s endorsement. It’s a net positive for Latimer. It hurts Bowman politically," said former Rep Max Rose, who described the race to The Post as still being highly competitive.

Differing views on the Israel-Palestine conflict remain a point of contention between Rep Jamaal Bowman and George Latimer

The Israel-Hamas conflict has been a central issue in the intense contest between Bowman and Latimer. Bowman, an advocate for an early ceasefire, has suggested that a genocide is taking place in Gaza.

In contrast, Latimer has shown support for Israel and has frequently criticized Bowman's statements, including his use of the phrase "From the river to the sea," which is often interpreted as a call symbolizing Palestinian control over the entire territory of Israel. 

George Latimer has been staunchly supportive of Israel amid the ongoing conflict (@latimerforny/Instagram)
George Latimer has been staunchly supportive of Israel amid the ongoing conflict (@latimerforny/Instagram)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) supports the Westchester County Executive, a point of contention for Bowman.

Moreover, Bowman has faced scrutiny for several controversies, such as activating a fire alarm during a critical moment in Congress concerning government funding. In October, the representative for Bronx and Westchester admitted guilt to a misdemeanor charge for intentionally triggering that alarm.

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 02: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) speaks at a news conference outside the U.S.
Rep Jamaal Bowman has faced backlash from AIPAC over his pro-Palestinian stance (Getty Images)

The competition for New York’s 16th congressional district is part of a larger pattern of Democratic primaries challenging members of the "Squad," with the 16th district being notably competitive.

Clinton, the former senator from New York, is well-acquainted with primary proxy battles involving allies of her previous Democratic rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. She has openly criticized progressive detractors of Israel.

"I have had many conversations with a lot of young people over the last many months. They don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East or frankly about history in many areas of the world, including in our own country," said Clinton on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe' in May.

She has also stood up for President Joe Biden amid criticism from certain segments of the progressive movement.

Meanwhile, her former adversary, Sanders has hailed Bowman's viewpoints.

Taking to X, the longtime Vermont senator wrote, "AIPAC, funded by right-wing billionaires, supports extremist Republican candidates. They will spend $100m against progressives this year, including $25m against @JamaalBowmanNY. Democrats must unite against this Super PAC. I look forward to joining Jamaal & @AOC in New York."


Bowman is supported by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), which is common for congressional leaders to do, even in close races. The primary contest is scheduled for June 25. 

Internet reacts to Hillary Clinton backing Rep Jamaal Bowman's primary challenger George Latimer

One wrote, "Maybe he carries hot sauce in his purse proving he’s not racist," referring to one of Clinton's 2016 interviews in which she claimed she always carried hot sauce in her purse. At that time, many speculated that the then-White House hopeful was trying to pander to Black voters because of Beyonce’s "hot sauce in my bag" lyric.

"Latimer takes loads of money from AIPAC," claimed another, and a person added, "The kiss of death baby, let’s go!" 


 An individual simply expressed, "And we care why!? Bye Hillary!" while one more remarked, "Deplorable from Hillary."

"She does have a record of hating black people, so this tracks," claimed another person. A netizen stated, "Can she please just go away finally."  

"Based on the reaction to this endorsement, Old Jamaal might just eke out a win now," quipped a person. 









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