Donald Trump slammed for giving Joe Biden new nickname while lashing out at him before presidential debate

Donald Trump dubbed ‘pathological liar’ as he gives Joe Biden new nickname while lashing out at him before presidential debate
Donald Trump branded President Joe Biden a 'lying machine' on his Truth Social platform (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Donald Trump has a new nickname for his rival President Joe Biden as he is set to face him on June 27 during the presidential debate.

Taking to his Truth Social page, the former President posted, as reported by the Daily Mail, “Crooked Joe Biden’s ‘Handlers’ are loudly and profusely complaining that there will be no Fact Checkers during the Debate on Thursday.”

Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the Liacouras Center on June 22, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Earlier today Trump delivered remarks at the Faith and Freedom Road to Majority conference in Washington DC. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed on Truth Social that Joe Biden's team is 'complaining' that there will be no fact checkers during the presidential debate (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Donald Trump labels Joe Biden as a walking 'lying machine’

He continued, “Actually, that is just DISINFORMATION - They could not be happier, because there is nobody that’s as loose with the TRUTH as Crooked Joe.”


Trump then on to mention his allegations against Biden as he stated, “From the 51 Fake Intelligence Agents to Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Fake ‘Suckers and Losers Story’ he created about our beloved Military, to cheating in College and saying he was first in his Law School Class when he was actually LAST.”

The 78-year-old politician also made fun of the President’s golfing skills as he mentioned that Biden “has a 6.2 Handicap (He can’t hit the Golf Ball 10 yards, but that’s a minor detail!).”

Calling the current commander-in-chief “a walking LYING MACHINE, and a Fact Checker’s DREAM,” Trump added, “Maybe we should call him ‘Lyin’ Joe’ in addition to Crooked?”

President Joe Biden joins G7 leaders as they gather to watch a parachute drop at San Domenico Golf Club during day one of the 50th G7 summit on June 13, 2024 in Fasano, Italy. The G7 summit in Puglia, hosted by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the seventh held in Italy, gathers leaders from the seven member states, the EU Council, and the EU Commission. Discussions will focus on topics including Africa, climate change, development, the Middle East, Ukraine, migration, Indo-Pacific economic security, and artificial intelligence. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Donald Trump also made fun of Joe Biden’s golfing skills as he mentioned that the President 'has a 6.2 Handicap' (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Donald Trump called ‘one of the biggest sources of misinformation’

But people disagreed with the Republican presumptive presidential candidate as an X user blasted, “Why is  Donald Trump complaining of fact checkers at debate? He never uses facts.”


Another user commented, “Trump lied to the American people 30,573 times while president that's an average of 21 times per day! That was just as President, and he hasn't slowed down! That makes Trump a Pathological Liar and unqualified to judge anyone's honesty!”


“That's funny, considering Donald Trump is one of the biggest sources of misinformation,” one user stated.


Someone else remarked, “Wow, what a projection of yourself!! Your insecurity is showing big time!”


Another jokingly added, “There should be a collar zapper that gives an electric shock when somebody lies. Can you imagine Trump? The convulsions will start a new dance trend.”

“The whining and forming of excuses to bail are coming,” an individual wrote.




Another added, “This from the guy documented to have told 39,000 lies during his administration. And this post adds one more.”




A tweet read, “Holy s**t, that's deranged. Imagine if the candidate you love is bragging about his golf game, instead of talking about what he will do for the country.”

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