'Lying dotard': Donald Trump mocked as he accuses Fox News of publishing 'fake Democrat polls' showing close race with Joe Biden

'Lying dotard': Donald Trump mocked as he accuses Fox News of publishing 'fake Democrat polls' showing close race with Joe Biden
The poll was conducted before Donald Trump and Joe Biden's first presidential debate performance (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Former President Donald Trump criticized Fox News polling and hinted at his own "real polls" in a Truth Social post on Tuesday, July 9.

Trump often criticizes Fox News, even though he makes regular appearances on the network. This was evident on Monday, July 8, when he discussed the presidential race with Sean Hannity.

Donald Trump criticizes Fox News for 'fake Democrat polls'

“FoxNews will never take great polls, from reputable pollsters, where I’m beating Crooked Joe, the worst President in history, by a lot, but will take FAKE confidential Democrat polls, that they leaked to Fox, and go up big with them. John Roberts, a real heavyweight, was the ‘anchor.’ I’ll be releasing REAL POLLS shortly!” the former president posted on his social media platform.


In a post on X, Trump posted, "FoxNews will put up Fake Confidential Democrat Polls that were “leaked” to them, but not Rasmussen or any of the REAL polling groups that have me way ahead. What’s up with FOX? I do better with CNN!!!"


A June survey published by Fox News showed a close race between Trump and President Joe Biden, similar to other polls. As of June 17, Biden led by two points, 50% to 48%.

The previous month, Trump had a one-point lead in their data. This poll was conducted before Biden's CNN debate performance, after which some members of his party have suggested the need for a replacement candidate.

Trump seemed to be alluding to John Roberts on 'America Reports', who mentioned internal polls indicating a close contest and the possibility of other candidates standing a better chance against Trump than Biden.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JUNE 27: Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump participates in the CNN Presidential Debate at the CNN Studios on June 27, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Former President Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden are facing off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 campaign. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
 Donald Trump slammed Fox News over polls (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Following Katie Pavlich's report on Tuesday that Trump is ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris and others in numerous polls (assuming Biden is not the nominee), Roberts pointed out "alternate" polls suggesting a much closer race, referencing internal polls initially disclosed by Politico.

“Trump beats Biden 43-42 but in that same internal polling Kamala Harris beats Trump 42-41, and [Hillary] Clinton at the top of the ticket with Harris as the running mate, trails Trump 43-40 so when you take a look at that internal information, is sticking with Biden the right way to go?” Roberts said.

Internet trolls Donald Trump over claims of releasing 'real polls'

As soon as Mediaite published the news on its platform, readers started reacting to it. One wrote, "He’s going to release the polls after he releases the healthcare plan he promised years ago."

Another user trolled, "The polls are in the same file as his health plan."

A third commentator asked, "Who the hell in their right mind would believe a poll released by the corrupt, lying Dotard?"

"Wow, he has a whole 421 people who liked his rant LOLOL OL. And that's his communication site lol. Trump, you're as popular as a communicative disease," a reader mocked.

A person wrote, "Remember this is the same yuck who said he'd only accept the legal vote if he'd won."

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