Donald Trump reveals his plans for jobs as he calls current job numbers 'horrible', claims it will 'only get worse'

Donald Trump reveals his plans for jobs as he calls current job numbers 'horrible', claims it will 'only get worse'
Donald Trump criticizes job numbers amid court appearance (Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Donald Trump revealed his job plans for the US as he criticized "horrible" job numbers after the Labor Department's report revealed an unexpected rise in unemployment. 

According to the report released on Friday, May 3, employers added 175,000 jobs in April, falling short of the 243,000 gain forecast by LSEG economists, according to Fox News.

Donald Trump slammed the recent rise in unemployment (Getty Images)

As the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9%, this underperformance marked the lowest month for job creation in the nation since October 2023.

Donald Trump claims 'our economy's bad'

Expressing dismay over Friday, May 3, jobs numbers, he said the job numbers are "really low, really bad" while he spoke to reporters ahead of his appearance in the Manhattan court for his hush money criminal trial.

"Our economy's bad, and now it's starting to show," said the former president, adding, "And it'll only get worse. It'll only get worse. We're only going one way with the so-called leadership." 

Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Donald Trump spoke about his job plans while outside Manhattan court ahead of his hush money trial (Getty Images)

In April, wage growth also witnessed a more modest increase, with average hourly rising by 0.2% which fell short of expectations.

However, in terms of annual basis, there was an increase in wages in April by 3.9 %.

The unexpectedly weak report suggests a job market that is gradually faltering under the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest-rate hike campaign and raises the chances of rate cuts.

Despite the reports and the former president's criticism, Wall Street positively responded to the news with all three major stock indices soaring witnessing a surge in pre-trading on Friday morning, May 3.

Donald Trump reveals his plans for jobs is 'to drill'

Responding to reporters when asked about what his job plans for the nation is, Trump said, "My plan for jobs is to drill, baby, drill."

"To bring energy down, to close up the border, to get rid of all the criminals that are being allowed in our country," he added.

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Internet weighs in as Donald Trump calls job numbers 'horrible'

Reacting to Trump's claim the job numbers are "horrible," one user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, "This man has to lie all day long!!! He does not know what Truth Means."


"Campaigning at your hush money trial….and lying …. Is not a good look !!!" a netizen tweeted.


One user wrote, ""I am so sick of this guy. At first, he wanted to take credit for all the good numbers that were coming in and now he dumps on the numbers that came out today. He only wants to take credit for anything good but when something bad comes out he doesn't want anything to do with it."


"Biden's numbers are so much better than Trump's!!" a user commented and another user tweeted, "Once a liar and always a liar. No one should believe or listen to him!!!"



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