'Grow up Donny': Donald Trump trolled as he slams Judge Juan Merchan's 'most biased' jury instructions in hush money trial

'Grow up Donny': Donald Trump trolled as he slams Judge Juan Merchan's 'most biased' jury instructions in hush money trial
Donald Trump accused Judge Juan Merchan (L) of being 'conflicted' in his jurisdiction (Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Former President Donald Trump ripped into Judge Juan Merchan as he awaited a verdict in a hush money trial as the jury deliberations began on Wednesday, 29 May.

Trump launched a volley of attacks at Judge Merchan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg before the deliberations in the case began, and continued to post on Truth Social throughout.

Donald Trump highlights a conflicting claim on jury instructions

Donald Trump highlighted a conflicting or not-so-clear claim that Judge Merchan made during the jury's instructions. 

Trump claimed the judge instructed the jury there was no unanimous decision required to reach a guilty verdict.

"IT IS RIDICULOUS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, AND UNAMERICAN that the highly Conflicted, Radical Left Judge is not requiring a unanimous decision on the fake charges against me brought by Soros backed D.A. Alvin Bragg," Trump wrote on Truth Social.



Trump's comments, which came from inside the court building as the jury continued deliberations Wednesday, come as Judge Merchan gave "controversial juror instructions," Fox News noted.

He said to jurors they could satisfy the "unlawful means" element of Trump's alleged crime with three different possibilities, noting that the jurors did not have to unanimously agree on which possibility met the criteria to reach a conviction, per the publication.

"According to the Legal Scholars and Experts, the Jury Instructions, given by a highly Conflicted Judge, will go down as the most biased and unfair in Judicial History. Biden Witch Hunt. Election Interference!!!" he wrote in another post.


Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury to convict Donald Trump without unanimous decision

In the jury instruction, Judge Merchan told the jury they had to reach a unanimous decision on each of the 32 counts they considered.

"Your verdict, on each count you consider, whether guilty or not guilty, must be unanimous," Merchan has instructed according to the New York Court.

"In order to find the defendant guilty, however, you need not be unanimous on whether the defendant committed the crime personally, or by acting in concert with another, or both," he instructed further. 

Trump claimed he was not aware of the charges he is facing in the criminal hush money trial and wrote on Truth Social, "I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE CHARGES ARE IN THIS RIGGED CASE—I AM ENTITLED TO SPECIFICITY JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. THERE IS NO CRIME!" 


In one post before he wrote, "THE D.A.’s OFFICE WAS ALLOWED TO GO ON WITH 5 HOURS OF BULL…. YESTERDAY. I have no rights against this Crooked Judge’s Gag Order!"


Internet disbelieves Donald Trump's claim on Judge Juan Merchan's 'controversial' jury instruction 

Many of the Trump supporters fear the trial might end in convictions. The fears were further cemented after the former president suggested there was a jury instruction that was "controversial."

However, there is a need for more and to see if Trump or his supporters' claim holds any ground. Many trolled Trump for repeatedly lying.

"We can only pray and hope for a speedy appeal. We’re not winning this one. Heart," wrote one Trump supporter on X. "THIS IS CRAZY," penned another. 

"This is not true. Trump knows this is not true. As usual, he's lying," wrote another. "GROW UP DONNY," one user wrote criticizing his claim.





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