Eddie Murphy, 63, doesn't want to have a funeral and wishes his family would 'just let me go out quietly'

Eddie Murphy, 63, doesn't want to have a funeral and wishes his family would 'just let me go out quietly'
Eddie Murphy does not want to have a funeral (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Eddie Murphy has revealed he does not want his loved ones to hold a funeral for him when it’s time for him to go. 

During an interview with journalist Kevin McCarthy, Murphy, 63, shared that he hopes his loved ones will allow him to “just go out quietly” when he breathes his last.

Eddie Murphy shares his plans for his funeral

Murphy was recently interviewed by McCarthy as the ‘Coming to America’ star was promoting his new film ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’, per Daily Mail.

During the interview, the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ famed actor joked that when he dies, the original theme song from the 1984 flick should be played in order to elicit smiles from the mourners. 

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Subsequently, he burst out laughing by imagining the situation and thinking how the attendees would react to the song playing in the background. 

However, the father-of-ten quickly retracted his statement by declaring that he was joking as he did not want a funeral for himself. 

He quickly clarified, “That's just a joke, 'cause I'm never having a funeral.”

He continued, “I mean I'm gonna die like everyone else but, they have - they know not to, no funeral, no, just let me just go out quietly.”

By “they”, the ‘Norbit’ star meant his huge family consisting of ten children and his partner Paige Butcher, 44. Murphy and Butcher have been dating for more than a decade after first outing their relationship in 2012. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 06:  Eddie Murphy speaks onstage during WSJ. Magazine 2019 Innovator A
Eddie Murphy jokes about his funeral (Getty Images)

Previously, Murphy was married to Nicole Murphy for 13 years. During their marriage, the couple welcomed five children together - Bria, 34, Myles, 31, Shayne, 29, Zola, 24, and Bella, 21. 

Murphy has also welcomed a 34-year-old son with a past girlfriend named Tamara Hood. 

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 20: (L-R) Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy attends Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's
Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy are currently dating (Photo by Kayla Oaddams/WireImage)

The actor is the father of another 34-year-old son called Eric, whom he welcomed with a previous love interest, Paulette McNeely. 

With Spice Girls’ Mel B, ‘The Nutty Professor’ actor welcomed his 17-year-old daughter Angel. 

Murphy has fathered two more children with his current love interest Paige - whom he called wife twice during a recent interview. The two youngsters are called - Izzy, eight, and Max, five.

Eddie Murphy claims he was never into cocaine

While Murphy can joke about his own death effortlessly, the actor is cautious about his own body. 

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the actor shared that the lives of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Prince are “all cautionary tales” for him, and these tales kept him away from trying hard drugs. 

In the interview, he shared, “I don’t drink. I smoked a joint for the first time when I was 30 years old — the extent of drugs is some weed," per US Magazine.

“I remember I was 19, I went to the Blues Bar. It was me, [John] Belushi and Robin Williams. They start doing coke, and I was like, 'No, I’m cool,'” continued Murphy. 

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum admitted, “I wasn’t taking some moral stance,” and explained, “I just wasn’t interested in it. To not have the desire or the curiosity, I’d say that’s providence.”

He shared, “God was looking over me in that moment. When you get famous really young, especially a Black artist, it’s like living in a minefield. Any moment something could happen that can undo everything.”

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