'It's just you that looks weak': Greg Gutfeld trolled for saying the US ‘never seemed weaker’ while discussing Iran’s attack on Israel

'It's just you that looks weak': Greg Gutfeld trolled for saying the US ‘never seemed weaker’ while discussing Iran’s attack on Israel
Greg Gutfeld gives his take on Iran's attack on US ally nation, Israel, on the April 15 episode of 'Gutfeld!' (Fox News, screengrab)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News host and comedian Greg Gutfeld gave his take on Iran's Saturday, April 13, drone attack on Israel on the Monday, April 15, episode of his late-night show, 'Gutfeld!'

The attack is reportedly retaliatory in nature, brought about by an alleged Israeli airstrike on an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, on April 1 that resulted in the death of seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

However, according to Gutfeld, it was a sign of a seemingly weak United States federal administration that made Iran take the risk of attacking the ally nation.

Gutfeld's reasoning behind Iran's attack

"When Iran has to do the dirty work themselves, they don't. They farm it out," noted Gutfeld, calling Hamas and Hezbollah its proxies.

"But this was an escalation and any time an enemy nation does something it hasn't done before, you got to ask why. What's changed? Iran certainly hasn't."

"So then what's changed? Well, America. Namely, a president who's weaker than Jimmy Carter in '79. Hell, he's weaker than Jimmy is now," he said, adding that the "broken southern border, disgraceful Afghanistan retreat," and a confused military did not help the situation.

The host, whose monologue took increasingly Islamophobic tones with repeated addressal of the attackers simply as "mullahs," claimed that the unpredictable nature of Donald Trump was what stopped incidents such as the attack on Israel take place during his presidency.

"Do you think anyone in Iran is afraid of Biden's national security team? The team that brought us Afghanistan? Let's see."

"You got a president who could barely walk, a veep that can barely talk, a secretary of defense who disappears for weeks at a time. A secretary of state who looks like he's seen a ghost and a national security adviser who looks like that ghost. I haven't seen a less impressive group of five people since I let that Menudo cover band sleep on my couch," shared Gutfeld.

He added, "It's time to put out an S.O.S. We've never seemed weaker, and the bad guys can see it."



Internet reacts to Greg Gutfeld's remarks

Social media users, however, disagreed with Gutfeld's opinion, as the responses to his rant demonstrate.

"Man, I scoured this article to see if Greg Gutfield could come up with a point, and there just isn't one. But at least he is funny, right? Not at all..." commented a reader on the Fox News website.

Internet reaction

"Ahahahaha…….the Jan 6 folks that bought into this schtick are definitely buying into this rhetoric," wrote another.

Internet Reaction

"Actually, Greg. It's just you that looks weak. America is doing just fine," stated a third.

Internet Reaction

"I'm sorry Greg, but its real hard to take you seriously when you're wearing that shirt," mocked a fourth.

Another added, "...And if you listen to him for a while, you'll find you didn't even need those last 5 words!"

Internet Reaction

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