'I call him a traitor': Texas rancher slams Joe Biden over migrant crisis on 'Fox & Friends'

'I call him a traitor': Texas rancher slams Joe Biden over migrant crisis on 'Fox & Friends'
Wayne King called President Joe Biden a 'traitor' during a live interview with Lawrence Jones for the January 9, 2024 episode of 'Fox & Friends' (Fox News Screengrab, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Texas rancher Wayne King was not one to mince words while stating his opinions on the Biden administration on live television.

King was interviewed from the border town of Eagle Pass by reporter Lawrence Jones for the January 9 episode of 'Fox & Friends'.

What was Wayne King's opinion of the Biden administration?

On the topic of illegal immigration, when Jones asked King what he would say to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the latter responded, "That he's a traitor. He's an absolute traitor. He lies under oath. He says that the border is secure. It's not. He took an oath to protect us, and he's not doing it."

"The whole administration is the same way. Even our president, the President of the United States, I call him a traitor too," he added.

Jones and his crew had earlier caught an illegal immigrant from Honduras crossing over a barbed wire fence at the site.

The rancher felt that Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, who has been vocal about the migrant crisis, is trying to keep the state safe while the federal government is trying to prevent him from doing so, an act that he calls "treason."

King believes that the administration's policies are designed in the hopes of winning them votes. However, the constant flow of migrants is bringing "trash and debris and damage" to his and others' property, he noted.

First impeachment hearing of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' first impeachment hearing is scheduled for January 10. The hearing follows investigations and reports on the handling of the nearly three-year migrant crisis by the House Homeland Security Committee.

According to Fox News, attorney generals from the heartland, specifically Montana, Oklahoma, and Missouri, are supposed to testify to the impact the crisis has had on their states, despite some of them being away from the border.

In a statement to the media house, Chairman Mark Green said, "Secretary Mayorkas’ unprecedented and intentional border crisis has impacted every city and state in our country. The chaos and devastation at the border and in our communities are the result of Alejandro Mayorkas’ failure to fulfill his oath as secretary of Homeland Security."

Green further stated, "His primary responsibility is to secure the homeland—and he has failed."

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