Internet amused as Jason Kelce told to 'get his a** back' in VIP suite by wife Kylie amid shirtless revelry

Internet amused as Jason Kelce told to 'get his a** back' in VIP suite by wife Kylie amid shirtless revelry
Jason Kelce's wife Kylie was not amused by his antics (Kylie Kelce/Instagram, Getty Images)

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK: Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce briefly went viral yet again this past weekend - but not just for his antics on the football field.

Video footage captured the veteran center celebrating shirtless with jubilant fans in freezing temperatures during the Kansas City Chiefs' divisional round playoff victory over the Buffalo Bills.

However, Jason's wife Kylie was not amused by her husband's antics, prompting Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' father to summon Jason back to the VIP suite at Kylie's request. The lighthearted incident sparked plenty of chatter across social media platforms, as reported by The Daily Mail.


Jason Kelce's wife Kylie not amused by his shirtless celebration with fans

Jason was told by his wife to "get his a** back" to the VIP suite after the 36-year-old ripped off his shirt to celebrate shirtless with fans amid freezing temperatures during the Chiefs' AFC divisional round win against the Bills.

Footage captured Jason interacting jubilantly with fans near the Chiefs' VIP box, which pop star Taylor Swift was a part of. Despite the freezing conditions in Orchard Park, New York, Jason was seen wearing only a Chiefs beanie and sweatpants.

"Jason! Hey, Kylie said get your a** back in here," yelled Pat Mahomes, father of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, from the window of the VIP box.


While Jason went wild without his shirt on, his wife Kylie remained unfazed in the suite along with Swift. Kelce's mom Donna, however, erupted in laughter at her son's behavior, even pointing at him celebrating with fans.

Jason also spent plenty of time interacting with Swift in the VIP box. He lifted a young fan up to help her show Swift a homemade sign. His awkward pregame relationship with Swift quickly faded as he made her laugh frequently with his raucous actions.

When Travis found out later about his brother celebrating shirtless in the Chiefs' suite, he said enthusiastically, "My brother was shirtless?! I love that guy!" Jason's crazy antics began even before kickoff. He showed up to a Bills tailgate in the parking lot before the game, shotgunning drinks with fans.

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce with their daughters (@kykelce/Instagram)
Jason Kelce's wife Kylie was not amused by his shirtless celebration with fans. (@kykelce/Instagram)

Internet reacts to Jason Kelce's wife calling him back during his shirtless shenanigans

The internet was ablaze with reactions upon learning of Jason's wife calling him back to the VIP box during his shirtless celebration. One user on X remarked, "And notice... he stops and looks, and I believe this is when he begins his entrance back into the suite. Good man."


Amid the digital chatter, another user chimed in with a relatable sentiment, stating, "I would have said the same thing." A third user injected a dose of humor into the conversation, writing, "Iโ€™m sure sheโ€™s used to his shenanigans."



Reflecting a more accepting perspective, another person shared, "I know how Kylie feels but theyโ€™re gonna do what they wanna do! You just gotta accept it."

However, not all reactions were supportive, as a fifth user labeled the incident as "Fun police." Amidst the varying opinions, a sixth user bluntly stated, "What a buzz kill."




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