‘When history is not taught in school’: Bella Hadid faces backlash for sharing another ‘misleading’ post on Gaza conflict

‘When history is not taught in school’: Bella Hadid faces backlash for sharing another ‘misleading’ post on Gaza conflict
Bella Hadid has been a staunch supporter of the people of Gaza and Palestine (Instagram/@bellahadid, Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Bella Hadid was called out for posting images taken in a refugee camp in Syria while voicing her support for Gaza and Palestinians. 

The supermodel on Monday, April 22, shared images from a clip filmed in Yarmouk after an assault carried out by dictator Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian civil war in 2013.

Her post, which is still available on her Instagram reads, “Gaza on my mind.”

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 06: Bella Hadid arrives at Hotel de la Marine on July 06, 2022 in Paris, France
Bella Hadid faces backlash for her Instagram post on Gaza conflict (Getty Images)

Instagram brands Bella Hadid's post on Gaza conflict 'misleading'

People soon started commenting that the video was not from Gaza, and the social media platform also added a note saying, ‘The post was missing important context and could mislead people."

It also provided links to a web page, which detailed the originality of the images. The note read, “This post is misleading. This video was not filmed in Palestine. The video dates back to 2013 from within the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.”

The footage is from a film called 'Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege' that shows the aftermath of Assad's siege in Yarmouk.

The Los Angeles native’s father, real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid was born in Palestine. Bella had earlier too shared misleading images from Syria, per DailyMail.

In November she posted the same images of children, and wrote, “Thousands of innocents Palestinian men women and CHILDREN imprisoned without trial.”

Syrian Americans were the first to call out Bella for her Monday’s post. “This is not the first time she's done this with these SAME IMAGES of children from Yarmouk,” wrote American Enterprise Institute media strategist Kareem Rifai.

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Internet slams Bella Hadid for another 'misleading' post while voicing support for Gaza

 People online slammed Bella Hadid for sharing a 'misleading' post.


One person said, "The usual, "they'll do" approach. The irony that it was children who suffered because of Al-Asad, makes me shake my head. Supported by Iran & Russia, with Iran also supporting Hamas."

"The irony being the group she supports would violently deny her the right to do so," the second said.

One innocent user asked, "How do you know when that photo if her was taken?"

Bella Hadid arrives at the grand opening of Stanton Social Prime at Caesars Palace on March 18, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment)
Bella Hadid is yet to take down her 'misleading' post on the Gaza crisis (Getty Images)

"I find it very hypocritical of her to repeatedly post about kids in Gaza wanting bread, etc yet she sits in her luxurious home w every necessity she could want, wearing only the best clothes and eating the best foods," one suggested.

"Not sure there is much to be concerned about. That family has lost all credibility in the last few years. Nothing they say is logical or relevant," another wrote.

Another said, "I have Syrian students who have escaped from Syria just this year, but Muslims don’t care about them."

"What's scary is that she actually influences people like she knows what she's talking about. Sadly because when history is not taught in school, this is where they get it," a concerned person commented.

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