Internet labels Donald Trump 'unhinged' as he calls himself 'genius' after receiving NRA endorsement

Internet labels Donald Trump 'unhinged' as he calls himself 'genius' after receiving NRA endorsement
Donald Trump spoke at a meeting of the NRA on Saturday, May 18, 2024 (Getty Images)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Former President Donald Trump was officially endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) before he took the stage at their annual meeting on Saturday, May 18.

The presumptive Republican nominee reportedly asked gun owners to vote in the upcoming election, while floating the idea of being back for a third term if he wins his way into the White House in November.

Donald Trump calls upon gun owners to protect the Second Amendment

According to NBC5, Trump claimed in his speech that the Second Amendment “is very much on the ballot" in the 2024 election. If incumbent Joe Biden “gets four more years they are coming for your guns, 100% certain. Crooked Joe has a 40-year-record of trying to rip firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens," he alleged.

The formation of a new 'Gun Owners for Trump' coalition was announced by the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee on Saturday morning, which includes gun rights activists and those who work in the firearms industry.

With Trump referring to himself as “the best friend gun owners have ever had in the White House,” Ammer Moussa, spokesman for his rival Joe Biden, commented, "Tonight, Donald Trump confirmed that he will do exactly what the NRA tells him to do — even if it means more death, more shootings, and more suffering."

A third Trump presidency

The controversial businessman brought up the idea of serving for a third term as POTUS at the NRA meeting, reported Politico.

“You know, FDR 16 years — almost 16 years — he was four terms," he quipped, before inquiring, "I don’t know, are we going to be considered three-term? Or two-term?”

Some people in the crowd shouted "three" in response.

However, Trump had himself recently shut down the proposition of seeking a third term, telling TIME Magazine during an interview in April, "I wouldn’t be in favor of it at all. I intend to serve four years and do a great job. And I want to bring our country back. I want to put it back on the right track. Our country is going down. We’re a failing nation right now. We’re a nation in turmoil."

Donald Trump's claims of being a genius

Speaking at the meeting, Trump claimed that he at times refers to himself as "a frigging genius."

"I had an uncle, my father's brother, who is the longest serving presi- he is the longest serving professor in the history of MIT ... He was a real genius ... I believe in the racehorse theory. Fast horses produce fast horses," he explained.

"Do you think Biden has that in his family? I don't think so... I may be wrong, let's check," jibed the former President.


Internet trolls Donald Trump

"I knew this one was gonna be extra sloppy and unhinged, but even I didn’t see this s**t coming," wrote a user responding to Trump's comments on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).


"I can’t believe people are listening to this guy," stated another.


"OMG! Trump thinks his uncle sired him? GROSS!!!" exclaimed a third.


"Every speech just another chance to hang medals & trophies on himself 🏆🥇and a⭐️on his little 'good job' calendar," mocked a fourth user.


"Of course, he’s the only one saying that except for a few cultists," noted a fifth.



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