Vivek Ramaswamy labels Iowa school shooting as 'psychological sickness', calls out 'knee-jerk policies'

Internet says 'schools need to be defended' as Vivek Ramaswamy condemns Iowa school shooting as 'psychological sickness'
Vivek Ramaswamy denounced gun violence as a sign of “psychological sickness” in light of the Perry school shooting incident (Vivek Ramaswamy/YouTube)

PERRY, IOWA: Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican presidential contender, condemned the 'knee-jerk policy reactions' he anticipates seeing from lawmakers in favor of gun control legislation following a school shooting on Thursday that left one student dead and five injured.

Per a report from The Hill, in a meeting with voters on January 4, Ramaswamy stated that the legislative focus should be on mental health rather than guns.


The horrific incident transpired a few miles from the location of Ramaswamy's Thursday morning event.

Instead of holding the sit-down meeting with potential voters, Ramaswamy’s campaign decided to have a private prayer, instead.

What did Vivek Ramaswamy say regarding the Perry school shooting?

“The temptation is just pass some law, paper and over and say ‘We did something,’ in response to this,” the 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur said.

“You mark my words tomorrow, if not later today, you’re going to hear calls for, ‘Stop the guns, that’s the problem,’ sweeping under the rug, this real ailment at the heart and soul of our nation and our culture that has spread to the entire next generation and to the unit of the family. The loss of purpose," he added.

Ramaswamy continued, “It’s a false hubris. It’s a belief that we are God, that we can ultimately control this outcome without getting the root cause. I think that’s the wrong approach, right out of the gate, knee-jerk policy reactions in response to a tragedy.”

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One sixth-grader was slain by the Perry High School shooter, who also injured four other pupils and a school administrator.

According to authorities, the gunman shot and killed himself.

Up until Thursday night, the gunman’s motives remained unknown to investigators assigned to the case.

Ramaswamy condemned gun violence earlier on Thursday, calling it an indication of a "psychological sickness" in the nation.

Other Republican contenders, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, reiterated Vivek's assessment, stating that legislation addressing mental health issues should take precedence over gun control.

Internet lambasted politicians for not doing enough

People on X expressed their opinions and slammed unperturbed politicians for not doing enough when it comes to school shootings happening across the United States.


One X user said, "Schools need to be defended period! Where I live we have definitely done that everyone needs too it’s sad how many kids are getting hurt but it’s also a mental illness problem that we cannot ignore anymore."


"Schools need to be defended like airports, banks and politicians. Children are our most precious anything. It’s unconscionable that the left wants to leave schools defenseless and hope “gun-free zone” signs will dissuade criminals. Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns," another user wrote.


Another user suggested, "Politicians are protected by Body guards Banks and Money are protected by armed guards Why did the TN trans shooter change her plan to shoot up the mall? GUARDS When are we going to protect kids? I know many veterans who would be willing to do this - even for free. DO IT!"


"Maybe the right people haven't been saying it but most of these shooters were on antidepressants, ADD medications, or both and its worth looking into Big Pharma and the side effects of these drugs and others in relation to the mass shooters. Why are we seeing so many shootings what changed?" one user remarked.


Another X user stated, "And we have a gun problem. It’s not just one thing."


One user tweeted, "No matter how hard ya'll try to deflect, it is the guns. It is the only variable that distinguishes us from every other major Western democracy."



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