Internet says Trump setting stage for 'big scare' after he warns US headed for its own 'October 7-style attack'

Internet says Trump setting stage for 'big scare' after he warns US headed for its own 'October 7-style attack'
Donald Trump claims that Joe Biden is creating conditions for an October 7-style attack in the US (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: During his day off from the court, Donald Trump took part in an anti-immigration campaign speech at a rally in Wisconsin, claiming that the US is about to launch its own "October 7 style attack," according to the Independent.

Speaking to supporters in the battleground state on Wednesday, May 1, the former president revealed that President Joe Biden intended to transport 'massive numbers' of Gazan refugees from the Middle East to American towns.

Donald Trump warns US headed for its own October 7 attack

According to Trump, Biden was "determined to create the conditions" for an attack akin to the one that happened in Israel in 2023 and that subsequently set off a bloody and protracted battle.

Militants in Southern Israel killed almost 1,200 people on October 7, 2023, most of them civilians, and kidnapped about 250 more. According to Israel, the militants still have the remains of over 30 hostages and around 100 hostages.


Local health officials report that the fight has claimed the lives of over 34,000 Palestinians, forcing around 80 per cent of Gaza's 2.3 million residents to flee their homes.

Trump declared at the rally that "thousands" of Middle Eastern refugees—including those from Gaza—would soon be brought to the US.

(Getty Images)
Trump said that 'thousands' of Middle Eastern refugees would soon be brought to the US (Getty Images)

He told supporters, "It should be no surprise that in addition to the millions and millions of people invading our country from the border, crooked Joe is now reportedly planning – this is wonderful news for young people in Wisconsin – to bring massive numbers of Gazans from the Middle East to your American towns, your towns and village."

He added, "Your towns and villages will now be accepting people from Gaza. Lots of people from Gaza and various other places, Yemen, lots of other places. Joe Biden seems determined to create the conditions for an October 7 style attack right here in America. It’s gonna happen with all of these people coming in from the southern border."

The statement comes amid reports that the Biden administration is thinking about accepting certain Palestinians as refugees into the US to provide some of the people escaping the beleaguered region with a long-term haven.

Internet says Donald Trump 'setting the stage for the big scare' 

Many people on the internet stayed divided and had mixed reactions to Donald Trump's statement. Some agreed with the former President whereas some seemed to differ.

A user posted on X, "He's setting the stage for the big scare. Better get some more popcorn... This is going to be huge!" while one added, "Those who voted for the “current”@POTUS

should get jailed or chop chopped! Traitors made America a hell hole."



A person stated, "Hate Trump but he’s right on this one" whereas one mentioned, "I definitely will be supporting him!"



A person also wrote, "America has a long history of allowing in war refugees, and yes, they're vetted" while one stated, "Shout it loud for the folks still insisting on wasting a vote."



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