Internet scoffs at Johnny Depp claiming he feels ‘cut off from the world’ like his ‘Jeanne du Barry’ character

Internet scoffs at Johnny Depp claiming he feels ‘cut off from the world’ like his ‘Jeanne du Barry’ character
Johnny Depp is playing King Louis XV in 'Jeanne du Barry' (Le Pacte, Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Johnny Depp feels that these days he is experiencing emotions similar to King Louis XV, whom he portrays in the movie 'Jeanne du Barry’.

"I think for someone in that position, and again, some of this stuff resonates for me — not that I'm a king of any sort," he said while sitting in his London home.

Talking more about the movie, Depp told People, "But it resonates just in the sense that this guy, within his circle, let's say, within his world, he had to be available kind of at all times. And yet he was, in a sense, hidden away and living his life that way."

"So the layers between him and the real world, they start to get thicker and weirder."

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA - APRIL 25: Johnny Depp steps outside court during his civil trial at Fairfax Coun
Johnny Depp feels he connects with his 'Jeanne du Barry' character (Getty Images)

What to expect from Depp's 'Jeanne du Barry'?

The film is about Jeanne du Barry, the mistress of King Louis XV who won over the monarch with her charm and intelligence. The title role has been played by French actress Maiwenn.

“She was a working-class woman climbing the social ladder, but when she's made the king's last official mistress, scandal erupts as no one at Court will accept a girl from the streets into their rarified world," per a synopsis.

While comparing his character in the movie with his personality, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' star added, "It has been something like that for me at times. ... I certainly wouldn't complain about it ever, but there is a part of you that is kind of cut off from the world. Where, if you go out, it gets weird, you know? It just gets weird."


Internet reacts to Johnny Depp comment about feeling 'cut off from the world'

Social media users feel Johnny Depp is just trying to dwell in self-pity.

A user trolled Depp, "Not to mention how much he spent on booze a day."

"Good. And shame on Jeanne du Barry for giving him a platform to spew more bulls**t in hopes to rehabilitate his image," the second said.

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Another slammed, "Lol, you only have yourself to blame, you grey faced, halitosis having, Keith Richards wanna-be."

"I hate that I once adored him. What a heartbreaking let down it’s been," a user wrote on Reddit.

One user quipped, "Clearly not isolated enough if you're getting a platform to propagandize to the world."

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