'You want China to spy on Americans': Marjorie Taylor Greene trolled as she expresses privacy concerns over TikTok ban bill

'You want China to spy on Americans': Marjorie Taylor Greene trolled as she expresses privacy concerns over TikTok ban bill
Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene raised questions about the TikTok ban bill in a long rant on X (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to X (formerly Twitter) to express her concerns regarding a new House bill aimed at the Chinese social media app TikTok on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

While GOP lawmaker Mike Gallagher reportedly described the bill as "a forced divestiture" that would require the app to "separate itself from Chinese Communist Party control," Greene referred to it as the "TikTok ban bill" while listing out her concerns on the social media platform.

Marjorie Taylor Greene raises concerns about TikTok ban bill

In a long rant on X, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the US representative from Georgia, voiced multiple concerns regarding data privacy, the sale of the company, and the policies of the would-be controlling authority in relation to the new bill introduced in the House.


"I have concerns with the TikTok ban bill," Grenne began her tweet before listing all her concerns regarding it. "1. If we are concerned about people’s privacy and data then why aren’t we protecting it universally from every company stealing their data and invading their privacy?" the GOP politician asked

"2. This one bothers me. This bill forces the sale of a company owned by an “enemy.” While I certainly will always do everything in my power to protect Americans and put America first, who and which company may become the enemy tomorrow?" she further questioned, before proceeding to elaborate.

"We have seen the government choose which speech is accepted and which speech is hate speech and which speech is misinformation and which speech is not accepted. Then through DHS, tell social media and big tech who to censor and who to shadow ban, while the accepted “good” speech was promoted widely", Greene said.

"We watched Democrats and the media cheer for violent BLM riots for months in 2020 and drop over 95% of charges then Biden’s DOJ turn and continuously prosecute J6 protesters, including nonviolent and those who never entered the Capitol. Now J6’ers have been named an enemy and domestic terrorists by our government," continued Greene.

"In other words, once we go down this road, who’s to say that a future congress and admin won’t declare a company to be owned by an “enemy” purely based on politics and speech that current admin doesn’t like? Like X or Truth Social," she added.

Greene's third point dealt with the sale of the platform as she stated, "When TikTok is sold, who will buy it? And why is the expectation that it will be better? If it’s Meta, the content will be very unlikely to change, therefore all the conservatives, who think this bill will protect our children, will be greatly disappointed when it doesn’t change at all. The same gender lies are all over Instagram just like they are on TikTok."

"Lastly, who gets rich when elected members of Congress vote to force ByteDance to sell TikTok? Which investment company and investors? Are any of them elected? Bill sponsors/cosponsors? Just asking," Greene said while concluding her long rant.

The congresswoman followed up with three more points, where she called out America's reliability on China for the production of critical utilities, and made a case for moving the operations to the United States. She also questioned parents on their efforts to check what their children were engaging with.

Internet trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene for her concerns about TikTok ban bill

Netizens did not share Marjorie Taylor Greene's concerns regarding the TikTok ban bill and slammed her for the take by stating that she "doesn’t understand the subject she’s talking about."

"Just say you want China to continue spying on Americans, Marge," one social media user said.


"Alex, I’ll take 'Congresswoman who doesn’t understand the subject she’s talking about' for the 1,000th time," mocked another.


"Marge is against it. That means I'm for it," jibed a third.


"It's convenient how you suddenly care about privacy and data when it suits your agenda, yet you fail to acknowledge the broader issues of data privacy across all platforms," wrote another user on X.


"Donny changed all your minds on this the other day - you're behind," stated one, sharing a news article claiming former president Donald Trump opposes the TikTok ban.


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