'I would be so afraid': Internet upset as father of Sebastian Rogers who vanished 3 weeks ago admits to hitting autistic teen with belt

'I would be so afraid': Internet upset as father of Sebastian Rogers who vanished 3 weeks ago admits to hitting autistic teen with belt
The chief deputy of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office said Sebastian Rogers likes cats and his favorite song is 'Eye of the Tiger' (Summer County Sheriff's Office)

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HENDERSONVILLE, TENNESSEE: Nearly a month after the disappearance of autistic teen Sebastian Rogers, his father Chris Proudfoot reportedly revealed he had disciplined his son before his disappearance. 

Sebastian was last seen on February 26, 2024, at his family home in Sumner County, prompting the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to issue an Amber Alert on the afternoon of February 27.

The United Cajun Navy has assumed control of the urgent search efforts to locate the boy. Authorities and volunteers have been combing nearby forests, playing Sebastian's favorite song 'Eye of the Tiger' in hopes of finding him. 

Additionally, the TBI reported that over 2,000 miles have been covered on foot in search efforts, and aerial searches have been conducted using helicopters, drones, and a fixed-wing plane.

Sebastian Roger's father said he punished the teen before he vanished

During an appearance on Nancy Grace's 'Crime Stories' on Monday, March 25, Sebastian's father, Chris Proudfoot, stated that he was approximately four hours away in Memphis, engaged in a construction project at St Jude when Sebastian vanished in February.

He dialed 911 around 6:20 am after his wife and Sebastian's mother Katie Proudfoot informed him of Sebastian's disappearance, CrimeOnline reported.

No signs of forced entry were discovered, and nothing appeared to be missing from the residence.

The Proudfoot family lacks an alarm system and security cameras at home. 

Katie mentioned hearing only a "thud" emanating from Sebastian's room the night before he went missing, with Sebastian reassuring her shortly after that he was fine. 

Although there were no familial disputes then, Grace probed Chris Proudfoot about a past spanking incident he had discussed on a YouTube livestream with 'Chronicles with Olivia'.

Chris confirmed administering a single swat with a belt on Sebastian's buttocks outside his clothing due to a lying incident several years prior. 

He clarified that it occurred only once and did not escalate into a call to Child Protective Services (CPS). 

Sebastian Wayne Drake Rogers (Tennessee Bureau of investigation)
Sebastian Roger's father said he once punished the teen by hitting him with a belt (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Currently, the couple has vacated their family residence, with Chris returning to work and Katie planning to accompany him, citing public harassment as a contributing factor to their departure. 

Katie emphasized their extensive search efforts, stating, "My son could be anywhere and we are looking everywhere and anywhere." 

Chris said he did not undergo a polygraph test, stating that law enforcement advised against it, while Katie reportedly passed her polygraph examination. 

Chris added that investigators have absolved both him and his wife of any involvement in foul play. 

Sebastian Wayne Drake Rogers (Tennessee Bureau of investigation)
Sebastian Wayne Drake Rogers went missing from his Tennessee home (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Meanwhile, the search for Sebastian continues. The Proudfoots reported that at least three dogs indicated a retention pond near their home, prompting law enforcement to drain the pond, but no evidence was found. 

The United Cajun Navy, a 501C3 search group, began searching for Sebastian on Sunday and reported that two dogs showed interest in an area at the Rockland Recreation Area in Hendersonville.

Sebastian Rogers is described as a White male who stands at 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and weighs between 106 to 108 pounds. 

He has dirty blond hair and was last observed wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Notably, his flashlight keychain remains missing.

Those possessing information regarding Rogers’ location are urged to contact the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office at 615-451-3838 or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Internet worried after Sebastian Rogers's father's interview

After Sebastian Rogers' father's interview, numerous internet users have commented on the disappearance of the autistic boy. 

One social media user wrote, "I would be so afraid he would come back home and nobody would be there  . . . Heartbreaking.  I'm praying he is found 🙏." 


Another user said, "He is a liar he said on a yt panel he “whacked” Sebastian with a belt bc he forgot to wear a belt . CPS in January isn’t years ago . SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m so sick of these 2 . I do not believe this is only time he “whacked “ Sebastian with a belt . He came out said 2 different reasons . SMH." 


One person, who was worried about the missing boy, said, "I hope with all my heart that he is well and that they will find him safe and sound. I hope that nothing serious has happened to him. I find it strange. Let the police find him safe and sound." 


Another user said, "The anger and frustration in his voice describing why he hit Sebastian with a belt was very telling. He talked about Sebastian like he just bothered and embarrassed him for being autistic all the time. Very sad." 


One wrote, "Only one time my a**. A few days ago he was proud of beating Sebastian with a belt, but he didn't anticipate public's outrage, so now they are trying to walk it back and minimise. Disgusting!"


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