Jeremy Renner recalls his skull 'cracking' in snowplow accident as he spills chilling details about ordeal

Jeremy Renner recalls his skull 'cracking' in near-fatal snowplow accident as star spills chilling details about ordeal
Jeremy Renner shared terrifying details about his accident that almost killed him (@jeremyrenner/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jeremy Renner opened up about his terrifying, near-death snowplow accident. He also shared that he remembered his skull "cracking" and revealed his scars for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with Men's Health for the magazine's July/August issue, the 'Mayor of Kingstown' star, 53, talked about being plowed over by a 14,300-lb snowplow in Reno, Nevada on January 1, 2023, which sent him to the hospital for 12 days.

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Jeremy Renner reveals graphic details of his near-fatal accident

Renner suffered multiple fractures, including a shattered cheekbone and a cracked skull during the near-death snowplow accident. In the magazine interview, Renner revealed he could recall the machine running over him, breaking his eye socket and smashing his head.

"It undulates, because there’s four sections of tires with these metal tracks — it pulls it like a tank. I remember every undulation," he recalled the horrifying disaster to the outlet.

"I remember my head cracking on the thing and it just pressing on me — it’s exactly like you think it would feel. An immovable object and a crushing force, and something’s gotta give."

While the 'Avengers' actor did not hold back on the graphic details, he remained grateful because things could have turned out worse.

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Jeremy Renner said his 'eye bulged out' after getting crushed under a snow plow (Getty Images)

"But thank God my skull didn’t fully give. And then it kept going. Undulate, undulate, undulate, undulate," he exclaimed.

Renner added, "Cheekbone broke, eye socket broke, and then from the crushing of getting run over by the machine, my eye bulged out. I could see my left eyeball with my right eyeball. I was screaming for a breath."

The 'Hawkeye' star—who is set to join the cast of 'Knives Out 3'—boldly posed for a shirtless photo, revealing his scars for the first time, including a large one beneath his right shoulder blade, per Daily Mail.

Jeremy Renner chilling last 5 minutes before hospitalization

The celebrity described in great detail how he attempted everything to breathe, but it was all ineffective. "There was no breathing happening," Renner said.

He explained, "It's hard to use your stomach muscles when you have 14 broken ribs and a popped lung. I don’t know this at the time — I just needed to get air. I was going through the checklist of my body, figuring it the f*** out."

"The first five minutes were about how I’m going to breathe… I started getting really tired. My heart rate’s going lower, lower, lower," He exclaimed, "Huooohohh, huooohohh, just this exhaustive breathing for 45 minutes."

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Renner continued, "But with the exhaustion there was almost peace. The EMTs arrived and I thought, I have to give my body up to them, because I’m cooked. I’m not getting up. These aren’t just cramps. I’m not gonna walk back down the driveway to see my family."

He revealed to Men's Health that he told himself to "focus on breathing" while waiting for emergency medical personnel to come to his aid.

Renner claimed that while most of the next several hours and days were a fog, he did recall being on a helicopter and hearing the phrase "life support." He called his 12-day stay in the intensive care unit "a f***ing disaster."

He explained, "Showering, going to the bathroom — everything was a disaster. Whooooooooo! They give you medications so you don’t go to the bathroom, so you get constipated. And you pee in a jar. It was awful. That’s when you know things aren’t going great — you’re peeing in a plastic jug."

"It took me 17 minutes to get out of bed. I was happy to sometimes sit up and push myself into a chair and move a little bit. But a shower — everything took like half a day," he added.

"I couldn’t get stuff wet. Your hair gets super greasy and gross and you stink, but I had all these staples I couldn’t wet, and I wasn’t going to f***ing risk infection. So I had sponge baths."

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Jeremy Renner was determined for recovery after terrifying accident

Renner suffered fractures to more than 38 bones in the crash, including his wrists, knee, ankles, pelvis, and face. He also had a large cut on his skull, a punctured liver, and a collapsed lung.

However, the 'Avengers' star maintained an optimistic outlook, which was crucial to his protracted recovery. "I have to get better than I was today. That’s all that f***ing matters. I’m not setting a high bar here," he said to the publication.

"The only thing we can control in our lives is our perspective" has been Renner's motto ever since the accident.

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