Jimmy Kimmel hilariously roasts Donald Trump for claims of insufficient airtime after Iowa caucus victory

Jimmy Kimmel hilariously roasts Donald Trump for claims of insufficient airtime after Iowa caucus victory
Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took a comedic swipe at Donald Trump's complaints of receiving less airtime after his Iowa caucus win (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel didn't hold back as he took aim at Donald Trump's recent comments about receiving less airtime following his Iowa caucus win.

Kimmel, known for his searing political takes, delivered a humorous monologue, poking fun at the former president's complaints.

Kimmel's hilarious take on Trump's airtime complaints

Kimmel began with a tongue-in-cheek comment on the unpredictable weather, suggesting it might be a reflection of the nation's mood. "Is it possible America is going through menopause right now?" he quipped.

The comedian then addressed Trump's entry into Atkinson, New Hampshire, where the former president voiced his grievances about not getting enough airtime after the Iowa caucuses.

Mimicking Trump's distinctive speaking style, Kimmel joked, "Donald Trump snowplowed his way into Atkinson, New Hampshire last night to shout at voters about who didn't give him enough airtime."

Kimmel lampoons Trump's claims and commentary

The late-night host didn't miss a beat as he recounted Trump's claim that major news networks, including NBC and CNN, refused to broadcast his victory speech.

"NBC and CNN refused to air my victory speech," Kimmel impersonated Trump, adding, "Think of it because they are crooked, they're dishonest, and frankly, they should have their licenses or whatever they have taken away."

Continuing the satirical take, Kimmel hilariously highlighted Trump's commentary on the placement of other candidates in the caucus.

"They put on Nikki Haley; she came in third, a distant third. And they put on Rhonda San-demonius, who came in a boring second. That's also his nickname for Eric, by the way."


Kimmel couldn't help but express his disbelief that Trump, a former president, was complaining about insufficient television coverage. "This man is actually complaining he doesn't get enough coverage on television," he quipped, drawing laughter from the audience.

'They should televise all his trials'

Social media erupted with a mix of amusement and criticism in response to Jimmy Kimmel's roast of Donald Trump.

One user wrote, "Why is Trump complaining about a "lack of airtime?" The majority of Americans and the world would like NOT to hear about "Trump" every single day..."

Another added, "If Trump wants more air time they should televise all his trials."

One replied, "Trump complains about not getting any TV time, but yet he didn’t show up for any of the debates in Iowa."

"No actual news channel should air anything about trump other than as a side note. No headlines at all for this freaking crock other than when he is sentenced," another comment read.

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