'What a joke': Joe Biden mocked after he announces implementation of new measures to curb illegal border crossings

'What a joke': Joe Biden mocked after he announces implementation of new measures to curb illegal border crossings
Joe Biden announces new executive order to prevent illegal border crossing (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: President Joe Biden has announced a long-anticipated executive order to deter migrants seeking asylum from crossing the southern US border illegally, particularly during high migrant influx.

The new measure will be implemented when the seven-day average of daily border crossings surpasses 2,500 between ports of entry which, according to the senior administration officials, is a threshold already met, leading the order to go into effect immediately.

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Joe Biden announced the executive order under the Immigration and Nationality Act on Tuesday, June 4 (Getty Images)

Legal basis of the order and Congressional inaction

A proclamation was issued by the president who announced on Tuesday, June 4, the order under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The senior administration officials emphasized that the order is a direct response to Congress' inaction and repeated failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, particularly the Senate's recent inability to advance a bipartisan framework due to opposition from Republican senators. 

Officials say Donald Trump administration attacked immigration system in an 'inhumane way'

The officials have described the order as a forceful yet targeted shift in asylum policy, contrasting the move with the broad and severe actions taken by the Trump administration.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, June 3, a senior administration official said, “There are several differences between the actions that we are taking today and Trump-era policies."

"The Trump administration attacked almost every facet of the immigration system and did so in a shameful and inhumane way," the official added.

However, the executive action comes during the presidential election year when immigration is set to be a key issue and is expected to face legal challenges and criticism from some on the left who argue that the order is rooted in Trump's stringent asylum policies.

"The goal here is to secure our border while preserving our values as a nation,” said an official. 

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Internet divided over Joe Biden's executive order to curb border crossings

Reacting to Biden's announcement of new measures to curb illegal migration, one user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, "Should have happened a long time ago."


"Must be election time," a netizen commented while another user tweeted, "Lol after letting millions in and facing public backlash for years."



One user wrote, "What a joke," and another user remarked, "Oh I wonder why, must be an election coming," and a netizen commented, "Too little too late. He’s unfit to be President."




"This isn’t the answer to our border problem! The border needs to be closed period! We already have enough illegals in our country now! This is the reason the House didn’t pass this bill! 30,000 a month of illegals coming in is absolutely ridiculous! This is also an election move!" a user tweeted.


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