'Joe the Joke!' Trolls galore as Biden left red-faced after reading cue off teleprompter during speech

'Joe the Joke!' Trolls galore as Biden left red-faced after reading cue off teleprompter during speech
Joe Biden went off script during trade union conference speech when he read instructions from a teleprompter (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Joe Biden became the target of trolls after he appeared to read a script and instructions from a teleprompter while addressing a crowd in Washington DC.

Biden is no stranger to such gaffes. The POTUS became the butt of jokes on social media after he made a slip-up while criticizing former President Donald Trump while discussing abortion laws in Florida.

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Joe Biden faces trolling for possible slip-up during his speech (Getty Images)

Joe Biden makes embarrassing gaffe in robotic speech

During a speech at a trade union conference in Washington, DC, President Biden made an error that caught everyone's attention, as reported by Fox News.

While reading from a teleprompter, he strayed from the script and recited the instructions, resulting in an embarrassing moment in the middle of the speech.

Biden's slip-up happened during a part of his speech ahead of which he stated, "I see an America where we defend democracy, not diminish it. I see an America where we protect freedoms, not take them away. I see an economy that grows a lot in the bottom up where the wealthy pay their fair share, so we can have child care, paid leave and so much more, and still reduce the federal deficit and increase economic folks."

But then, out of nowhere, he seemed to mix in the instructions to pause from the teleprompter, saying, "Imagine what we could do next. Four more years, pause."


Fox News further reported that throughout the speech, Biden didn't hold back in criticizing former President Trump, painting him as anti-union and a friend of the rich.

He even gave their economic plans catchy names, his was the 'Scranton' plan, named after his hometown in Pennsylvania, while Trump's was dubbed the 'Mar-a-Lago' plan, after his Florida residence.

The incident galvanized social media users around him, with one labeling his speech impediments "a potential cause of dementia" and attacking his mental health.

Internet says Joe Biden is not fit to run the country

Many users on Facebook slammed Biden for his slip-up, with one writing, "His family should be ashamed for allowing him to run again. It's just sad!"

Another user wrote, "This guy is a walking dead."

A user commented, "The dude is in space more than Martians."

Another user commented, "Poor ol fella has dementia bless his heart."

A user asserted, "If he wins the election is rigged can’t convince me otherwise."

Another user asserted, "That's why he's "Joe The Joke" not fit to run a lawnmower never mind a whole country."

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