'Joke's on you': Seth Meyers takes a dig at Senator Ted Cruz over his angry rant against 'liberal' women

'Joke's on you': Seth Meyers takes a dig at Senator Ted Cruz over his angry rant against 'liberal' women
Seth Meyers mocked Ted Cruz for a speech he made on December 19 mocking 'liberal' women (@LateNightSeth/YouTube)

PHEONIX, ARIZONA: In a reposted joke from the December 21 episode of 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' that discussed Donald Trump's disqualification from the 2024 ballot, the host expressed his dismay at a speech delivered by Senator Ted Cruz to a gathering of like-minded conservatives in Phoenix, Arizona, referring to them as "fellow conservative weirdos" during the event on December 19.

Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican known for endorsing Donald Trump's "big lie" and declining to certify the 2020 election results, faced criticism for making derogatory comments about "liberal women."


'Well, jokes on you Ted" 

Ted Cruz characterized the "liberal women" as "angry," made inappropriate remarks about their relationships, and asserted unconventional pronouns during a speech to college students, stating, "My pronouns are 'kiss my a**.'"

"He also claimed liberal women are unhappy because liberal men can't satisfy them in bed," Meyers stated.

Meyers then shared a clip of Cruz's speech, where he was saying, "The left is so bad, they're so unhappy, they're so pissed off. And by the way, if you were a liberal woman and you had to sleep with those weenies, you'd be pissed too."


"Everybody thinks the Ivy Leagues are 'too woke'. Meanwhile, this dude is a senator. He went to Princeton and Harvard. He’s doing bad stand-up about how old dude s**t their pants and liberals are bad at f**king,” Meyers continued. 

In the tweet he shared on January 4, Meyers wrote, "Well, joke's on you, Ted, because liberal women sleep with each other," mocking Cruz's bizarre comment.

Ted Cruz claims 'the left' is 'angry, unhappy, and furious'

The incident goes back to when Cruz, amid a re-election campaign, took the stage on December 19 at a convention hosted by Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA. Kirk, affiliated with the secretive far-right Council for National Policy, organized the event.


Cruz's provocative comments quickly gained attention on the social media platform X, causing him to trend.

The junior senator from Texas, seen as potentially at risk, is contending with a primary challenge from two fellow Texas Republicans. Additionally, ten Democrats, including US Rep Colin Allred and state Senator Roland Gutierrez, are vying for the nomination.

Critics were vocal in expressing their disapproval of Cruz's remarks as they reposted Meyers' remarks, not holding back their contempt.

Norman Ornstein, an Emeritus scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and contributor to The Atlantic, didn't mince words in his response, stating, "Not just a thug. Also a vile pig."

Brad Moss, a national security attorney, sarcastically commented, "Party of faith and family values wants to get into an argument over who is better in bed. I mean, sure, we have generation-defining issues to address right now but OK, let’s fight over this. I’m ready."



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