'Let's not reward stupidity': Jonathan Turley blasted as he claims jailing 'elderly' first-time offender Donald Trump would be absurd

'Let's not reward stupidity': Jonathan Turley blasted as he claims jailing 'elderly' first-time offender Donald Trump would be absurd
Jonathan Turley argued that imprisoning Donald Trump would be absurd due to his age and potential appeals (The George Washington University Law School and Getty Images)

New York CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto discussed the likelihood of former president Donald Trump serving jail time after his conviction on 34 counts in the New York hush money trial with legal analyst Jonathan Turley.

“I’m wondering if the judge has a sentence in mind. Does he say, oh, I was going to give him 20 years? Now I think I’ll give him 10 because he has all these nice, you know, people vouching for him, or does it move the needle at all?” Cavuto asked about the different character statements being presented on Trump's behalf before the sentencing.

Jonathan Turley claims judge's decisions could be influenced by political pressures

“I think it can move the needle on the margins," Jonathan Turley replied to Cavuto's question, Mediaite reported.

He added, "I think judges generally come in, with a fairly good idea of a narrow range where they want a sentence, someone, sometimes allocution, sometimes a statement of the defendant can actually irritate a judge, and push you towards the top of that, that bandwidth for the judge.”

(The George Washington University Law School)
Jonathan Turley (The George Washington University Law School)

Turley disagreed with Trump's influence on the case, stating that people have a strong opinion of Trump, either loving or hating him. He also argued that sending an "elderly first offender" to jail would be "absurd" due to his age, nonviolent crime, and controversial prosecution

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 19: Host Neil Cavuto during a conversation with The Carlyle Group Co-Founder David Rubenstein on
Fox News host Neil Cavuto (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

“He’s still he’s going to face enormous political pressure. Right. To do something. And it could go both ways. Right. Those who want to see Donald Trump in prison and those who fear that if he does go to prison, even for a short amount of time, it’s going to cement his return to the White House. So does he weigh that?” Cavuto further asked, referring to Judge Juan Merchan.

Neil Cavuto during FOX's
Neil Cavuto (Getty Images)

“I think that’s true. Well, he’s not supposed to. And I have to say, I don’t mean to be gratuitous towards the judge, but after sitting in that courtroom, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I thought he was really quite biased in terms of his rulings." Turley stated.

He added, "They went very heavily towards the prosecution. I don’t know if he normally is known as a pro-prosecution judge, but some of his rulings did not make a lot of sense."

Turley further described the courtroom scene after the verdict as a "chaotic, static environment," with "people dancing in the streets" and others in deep agony and sorrow. This depiction of the United States was not necessarily positive, but it left a lasting impression.

Internet says Johnathan Turdley is 'spewing bulls**t'

As soon as the news went viral on social media, the internet brutally slammed Jonathan Turley.

One social media wrote, "Any words after “Jonathan Turley says” can be disregarded."


Another asked, "Why does anyone care what Jonathan Turley says? He's in the tank for trump."


One person commented, "Turley is absurd."


"Johnathan Turdley is nothing but a slip and fall ambulance chasing shyster so it's no surprise that he's on Trump TV spewing bulls**t. Both practitioners of jurisprudence Vincent Gambini and Saul Goodman say that Turdley is an embarrassment to the legal profession," another person added.


Some readers even reacted to Mediaite's news article on the platform. One stated, "Let’s not reward stupidity. Vote straight Democratic ticket up and down the ballot."

"Unrepentant, unremorseful, 34 Felony Guilty verdicts. And far as the "nice people vouching for him" most are criminals themselves," said another.

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