Kanye West slammed after lawsuit claims rapper wanted to 'cage' Donda students and shave their heads

Kanye West slammed after lawsuit claims rapper wanted to 'cage' Donda students and shave their heads
Kanye West was accused by ex-employee of wanting to imprison students at Donda Academy (MEGA/GC Images)

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA: The Internet got fired up when they found out rapper Kanye West was slapped with a lawsuit by a former employee. This ex-staffer claimed West wanted to shave the hands of students and lock them up back when his Donda Academy was still operating.

This had many users on social media calling the rapper a "dangerous" person.

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Kanye West trolled for treating service worker 'disrespectfully' in Pedicure video (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)
Kanye West was accused of wanting to imprison his Donda Academy students (MEGA/GC Images)

Kanye West's ex-employee accuses him of wanting to 'cage' students

West faces legal action from a former staff member who accuses the rapper of making disturbing threats towards students at Donda Academy, the Daily Mail has revealed. The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles alleges that West threatened to shave the heads of students and confine them in cages.

Legal papers, obtained by Rolling Stone, talk about Trevor Phillips, who used to work for West's design firm but later joined the staff at Donda Academy. Phillips alleges that West didn't hold back in airing his antisemitic views even in front of the students.

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Phillips, who began working for West in November 2022, asserts that West disclosed his intentions to shave students' heads and imprison them.

The lawsuit further alleges that West displayed favoritism towards white employees, engaged in inappropriate behavior such as simulating masturbation in front of Phillips, and even threatened physical violence during outbursts.

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When Phillips confronted West's discriminatory behavior, he claims to have faced relentless harassment and attempts to undermine him psychologically.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 11:  Rapper Kanye West attends a game between the Washington Wizards
Kanye West was called out by an ex-employee for being vulgar in front school children (Getty Images)

Recalling a meeting that devolved into bigotry and harassment, Phillips states in the lawsuit, "What was meant to be a meeting with his boss about Donda Academy, its curriculum and horticulture, ended up being antisemitic and bigoted soliloquy-topped off with sexual harassment."

Phillips asserts, "Kanye’s ill-will towards the plaintiff ultimately culminated in a vulgar lashing in front of schoolchildren and their parents. Kanye even threatened Phillips with physical violence."

According to Phillips, West also made derogatory remarks targeting the LGBTQ community and said "Yeah I’m going for the gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the gays!" while propagating conspiracy theories involving prominent figures like Bill Gates, stating he "controls gay people so that they don’t have children for population control."

Phillips further alleges that West "treated black employees palpably worse than white employees," yelling at them while treating white staff with deference. He claims that West even demanded a black security guard shave his dreadlocks or face termination, ultimately leading to the guard's resignation.

Phillips states that he was terminated by West during one of his Sunday services in May 2023, with West reportedly exhibiting aggressive behavior.


Donda Academy with a $15,000 per year fee was founded by West in 2021, and operated under his leadership as CEO, Secretary, and CFO. Initially located in Simi Valley, the school later relocated to Chatsworth.

The Daily Mail notes that parents at the academy were allegedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, a former teacher previously sued West and his Christian academies over alleged safety violations and wrongful termination, according to prior reports cited by the publication.

West has also been facing extreme heat recently after a source claimed that he was allegedly not manipulating his wife Bianca Censori and stated that she's the mastermind behind all the inappropriate outfits that she wears in public.

On the other hand, West also became a talking topic in the music industry after he sent out a formal request, through his Chief of Staff, asking everyone to start calling him 'Ye'.

Internet users call Kanye West 'sick'

Numerous readers online went on to slam West after Phillips' claims.

A user wrote, "He is sick and so dangerous in so many ways!"

Another user wrote, "Part of me is like did u expect him to be sane? Kanye has severe and untreated mental disorder. I feel bad for the kids, his biological kids and the kids who went to that school."

A user commented, "The man Desperately needs his own Special Room with Complementary Self Hugging Jacket. Bonkers, absolutely bonkers."

Another user commented, "Why does anyone put up with this monster?"

A user stated, "He really is a sick man, cannot stand him."

Another user stated, "He’s got major mental issues!!!"

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