Kawsheen Gelzer: Severed body parts in NYC freezer identified, suspect pins crime on incarcerated husband

Kawsheen Gelzer: Severed head and body parts in Brooklyn freezer identified, suspect accuses incarcerated husband of crime
Heather Stines told police her husband Nicholas McGee killed Kawsheen Gelzer (L) over a drug feud (NYPD/FB)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: The New York Police Department (NYPD) has identified the severed head and multiple body parts found in the freezer of a Brooklyn home.

The remains belong to 40-year-old Kawsheen Gelzer, also known as Dave Draper, a dealer who disappeared last year, leading to the detention of Heather Stines, a 45-year-old woman, after a tip prompted NYPD detectives to inspect her home.

Who killed Kawsheen Gelzer?

Stines, currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Brookdale Hospital, is facing charges related to concealing a body. During interrogation, Stines informed detectives that her husband, Nicholas McGee, killed Gelzer in September during a drug-related dispute.

Stines claimed that McGee dismembered the body and stored the pieces in the freezer. "She has said that, and we believe it to be true," a source asserted, indicating that the investigation is focusing on the possibility of a drug-related homicide.

While McGee has been in a Chesapeake, Virginia, jail since September on unrelated charges, the investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of Stines' involvement in the crime. "She's saying it was her husband, but he's in jail and she's there with a dead body," Daily Mail reported.

Kawsheen Gelzer's body was identified by gang tattoos matching arrest records

The NYPD responded to the Nostrand Avenue apartment in Brooklyn following a call at 7.10 pm. Stines was reluctant to allow officers to inspect a taped-up refrigerator, leading to her arrest. Inside the refrigerator and freezer, officers discovered body parts within black plastic bags, subsequently removed for DNA testing.

Gelzer was previously convicted of first-degree sexual abuse, which he committed on August 8, 2004, and was identified through distinctive gang tattoos matching arrest records. The medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death, although the process may be prolonged due to the need "to wait for [parts of] the body to thaw out."

Heather Stines' family and neighbors recall her longstanding drug problems

Stines, who had moved from Kentucky six years ago in an attempt to escape her problems, was living with her husband in a Brooklyn apartment. Neighbors and acquaintances described her as a known drug addict, with her apartment targeted for break-ins by individuals seeking money owed for drugs.

McGee's sister-in-law, Catherine McGee, revealed that both Stines and McGee had a history of drug abuse, with the former relapsing a year or two ago upon learning about one of her daughter's drug overdose deaths.

The sister-in-law anticipates McGee's devastation upon learning about the investigation while he is in jail. "He's going to be f**king devastated because he's coming out of jail and she's possibly going into jail, for a possible murder," she claimed.

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