'Late night humor is dead': Jimmy Kimmel under fire for mocking Trump's 'full diaper' in scathing monologue after hush money trial verdict

'Late night humor is dead': Jimmy Kimmel under fire for mocking Trump's 'full diaper' in scathing monologue after hush money trial verdict
Jimmy Kimmel delivered a scathing monologue on his show after Donald Trump was declared guilty (Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel didn't hold back in his ridicule as he painted a vivid picture of former President Donald Trump with a "full diaper" after his conviction in his hush money trial.

The former president was found guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records after a brief deliberation on Thursday, May 30, with sentencing scheduled for July 11.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't stop gloating in monologue after verdict

Kimmel's monologue was delivered on a night when his fellow left-leaning comics Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers were absent. In addition to his jokes about Trump's legal woes, Kimmel also revealed that a viral moment involving a man holding a sign declaring Trump as 'Father Teresa' was staged by his show. 

The former host of 'Man Show' wasted no time in reveling over Trump's conviction in Manhattan. "A big afternoon in New York and for the United States of America. We have the verdict in the case of The People vs OJ... er, DJ," remarked Kimmel. "Donald Trump is guilty of 34 felonies. After seven long weeks, the courtroom is empty and Donald Trump's diaper is full," he said.


Kimmel further joked about having to "rewrite the whole monologue" upon hearing the verdict, before humorously donning a judge's robe to reenact the scene with his sidekick Guillermo. Continuing his tirade against Trump, Kimmel entertained his audience with more jabs, saying, "Seven weeks of sleep-farting all down the train," and questioning when Trump would start bragging about his convictions.

Jimmy Kimmel spent 20 minutes mocking Donald Trump and revealing his prank 

He humorously speculated, "Maybe he isn't teflon, maybe he's one of those sticky, trapped ferrets. Maybe he's a wet pocket of gummy worms." Kimmel then played a clip of Trump's reaction, sarcastically remarking, "The only thing you're going to be fighting to win is the jello cup on your prison cafeteria tray." He also commended the Manhattan jury, joking, "We should automatically make those jurors the new Supreme Court."

Former President Donald Trump listens as his attorney Todd Blanche speaks during a press conference at 40 Wall Street after a pre-trial hearing on March 25, 2024 in New York City. Judge Juan Merchan scheduled Trump's criminal trial to begin on April 15, which would make it the first criminal prosecution of a former American president. Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records last year, which prosecutors say was an effort to hide a potential sex scandal, both before and after the 2016 election. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
Former President Donald Trump has alleged the trial was rigged (Michael M Santiago/Getty Images)

Further taunting the Trump family, Kimmel noted the absence of Melania and Ivanka, highlighting only the presence of Eric Trump. He humorously imagined Trump whispering to Eric, "I wish this happened to you." The late-night host continued his mockery by playing clips of conservative reactions to the news, finding satisfaction in their dismay. He then delved into a lengthy segment showcasing exaggerated Trump fans' reactions to the verdict, revealing a staged viral moment involving a sign demanding they 'Free Father Teresa', orchestrated by his show.

Kimmel's relentless criticism of Trump comes as no surprise, given his history of outspoken opposition to the former president. Meanwhile, Trump, visibly perturbed after the jury found him guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, denounced the trial as "rigged" and expressed confidence the "real verdict is going to be November 5 by the people."

Netizens slam Jimmy Kimmel's monologue 

A user tweeted, "Pretty sure Joe Biden is the one with the full diaper."

Another added, "Late night humor is dead."

A third said, "Absolutely sickening."

"Get a life Jimmy. Real Americans are sick of you," read a tweet.

"No - he meant biden - he just can't read the autocue," penned another.

"He really sums up the Orange Lardbaby," stated a user.







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