Lip reader reveals Kelly Rowland's actual words during her spat with Cannes Film Festival security

Lip reader reveals Kelly Rowland's actual words during her spat with Cannes Film Festival security
Kelly Rowland lost her cool after exchanging heated words with a security personnel at Cannes Film Festival (Wire Images)

CANNES, FRANCE: Kelly Rowland got into an altercation with security personnel at the Cannes Film Festival, and the video went viral instantly on social media.

On Tuesday, May 21, the ‘Mea Culpa’ star was attending the premiere of the French-Italian film 'Marcello Mio', and as she was about to enter the theater, she got into a heated argument with security.

Kelly Rowland attends the
Kelly Rowland attended the 'Marcello Mio' Red Carpet at the 77th annual Cannes Film Festival (Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)

Lip reader expert decodes Kelly Rowland

Lip reader expert Jacqui Press revealed what the star said as she ascended the stairs.

It started after the staffer mistakenly stepped on Rowland's dress, and once she apologized, the actress replied with, “It’s Okay.”

However, the security personnel said something else which was unreadable due to camera angle, but that triggered Rowland’s animated response.

"Don't talk to me like that," Rowland said according to Press, and she repeated her words multiple times, reported DailyMail.

During this, the staffer asked her to carry on with her walk to the theater and clear up the queue.

Soon another security guard came down to calm down the situation, and Rowland allegedly said, "You still don't talk to me like that!"

The former 'Destiny’s Child' member seemed frustrated after she pointed her finger toward the woman, expressing her discontent. Rowland appeared displeased with the situation before ultimately distancing herself from the woman, reported TMZ.


Internet unimpressed with Kelly Rowland's rude behavior toward security

Netizens shared their opinion on the suggested words of Rowland during the argument with security.

An online user said, “I think it’s incredibly rude to point a finger at someone, whether they are right or wrong, it comes across as aggressive and really isn’t necessary.”

“The security guard doesn’t look like she has a bad attitude. Even when her colleagues come to see what’s happening,” felt another.

Kelly Rowland attends the
Kelly Rowland got agitated with one of the security guards at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, May 21 (Mike Marsland/WireImage)

An online user shared, “The security guard probably asked her to keep moving because other people were trying to get up the stairs behind her. Rowland is showing herself up with this display of rudeness."

Another slammed the actress, “Kelly seems to be very easily offended by anyone.”

A disappointed viewer commented, “Who does she think she’s talking to? The security guard is doing her job, Kelly is nothing to her. Why do they think they are above everyone else just because they’re in the business of show??”

“That security guard deserves a bonus,” one took the side of the security personnel.

A user joined in, “Security was doing their job. Apologized after stepping on her dress and needed to keep the line moving. Otherwise it would become an issue....they have a schedule to keep.”

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