‘Man chickened out’: Internet roasts J Cole after he apologizes to Kendrick Lamar over diss track

‘Man chickened out’: Internet roasts J Cole after he apologizes to Kendrick Lamar over diss track
J Cole apologized to Kendrick Lamar during a live show (X, Getty Images)

DREAMVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: J Cole offered an apology during his Dreamville Festival in North Carolina.

Cole admitted that he regrets dissing Kendrick Lamar while performing at Dreamville Festival at Dorothea Dix Park on Sunday, April 7 night.

J Cole says dissing Kendrick Lamar is the 'lamest sh*t' he's ever done

Pausing his headlining set, Cole began by explaining how proud he is of the work he put into his new mixtape, 'Might Delete Later', but at the same time he revealed that the closing song, '7 Minute Drill,' isn't about something which he is proud of. 

"I'm so proud of that project except for one part," Cole said. "There's one part of that sh*t that makes me feel like, 'Man, that's the lamest sh*t I ever did in my f****ng  life.' And, I know this is not what a lot of people wanna hear. I can hear my n****s up there right now like, 'Nah, don't do that.' But, I gotta keep it 100 with y'all. I damn near had a relapse." From there, he admitted that he's "blessed" to know both Drake and Lamar.

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: Kendrick Lamar attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on Au
J.Cole dissed Kendrick Lamar (Getty Images)

Cole continued, "I felt conflicted 'cause I'm like, bruh I know I don't really feel a way," adding "But the world wanna see blood... so I say all of that to say, in my spirit of trying to get this music out, I moved in a way that spiritually feels bad on me. I tried to jab my n***a back and I tried to keep it friendly. But at the end of the day, when I listen to it and when it comes out and I see the talk, that sh*t don't sit right with my spirit."


He further said, "That sh*t disrupts my f*cking peace. So I want I want to say tonight, in the midst of me doing that, and in that sh*t, trynna find a lil angle and downplay this n***a's f*cking catalog and his greatness... I wanna say right here tonight, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest muthaf*ckas to ever touch a microphone? Dreamville, y'all love Kendrick Lamar correct? As do I."

Internet troll J.Cole over his apology 

Social media users are in disapproval of Cole's apology. An Instagram user said, "Can't stand on business to save his life." 

Another user said, "Bro got humbled when that beat dropped." A user said, "He know he can't compete lol." 

The next user said, "I don't think it was Cole, I think it was newly found "friends" in his esr." A user said, "he just gave up?" 

Another user said, "Backing down like this omg." A user said, "J cole seems so problematic." Another user said, "So embarrassing. I personally didn't think he came out of the rap diss looking better but at least stand behind it. Really lame." 

Users on X also took potshots at the rapper. One user said, "Man chickened out. This rap game is gone"


Another user joked, "he wasn’t joking when he said might delete later."


Another one mocjed, ''Right now I feel like Muhammed Ali'. With no boxing gloves?"


One user said, "Dissing someone and apologizing is top 3 weakest moves in history"


A troll said, "This is the corniest thing imaginable"


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