Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed as she dubs Joe Biden 'ineffective leader' after Lloyd Austin's illness

Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed as she dubs Joe Biden 'weak and ineffective leader' amid news about Lloyd Austin's illness
Marjorie Taylor Greene took a dig at Joe Biden's leadership amid news about the secrecy of Llyod Austin's illness (X/@RepMTG, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's hospitalization recently made headlines all over the country. According to a report by Reuters, a long list of people from Austin’s deputy right up to President Joe Biden were kept in the dark for days.

Austin was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre’s Intensive Care Unit on New Year's Day. However, more about his illness is yet to be disclosed.

Following the news, Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shared her thoughts on the same, and also used this opportunity to share her comments on Joe Biden’s leadership, which she dubbed “weak and ineffective.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization ‘very serious national security issue’

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote, “In September, I used the Holman rule to FIRE Secretary Austin.”


She added, “He isn’t capable of leading the Department of Defense. And he just proved it again by keeping it a secret when he was very sick and in the ICU.”

In addition to this, she also later posted, “Joe Biden is such a weak and ineffective leader, no one in our government even felt obligated to inform the President that the Secretary of Defense was unwell in the ICU and unable to fulfill his duties.”


“This is a very serious national security issue that must be investigated!!” concluded Greene in her remarks on Lloyd Austin’s illness and the lack of Joe Biden's knowledge about the same.

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces backlash online

After Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote about Llyod Austin and Joe Biden on her X account, the internet’s response was quick as they mocked the congresswoman on the social media platform.

One user wrote, “So are you. You’re all talk and zero action. Sit down. I know your dirty. Can’t hide from Most High…" and another wrote, "You’re just embarrassing yourself, again."



"Marjorie Taylor Green just another tweet that nobody will pay any attention to just like a fart in the breeze." mocked one more user. Another joked, "Congratulations on an entire post without mentioning impeachment."



Greene continued to face backlash online as one user wrote, "Investigate is all you guys do, nothing more." One person also exclaimed, "Right! Another excuse to waste more American taxpayers' money."



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