Noah Presgrove's brother recalls his 'disbelief' in accepting 19-year-old sibling's death

Noah Presgrove's brother recalls his 'disbelief' in accepting  19-year-old sibling's death
Dailen Presgrove (L) recalls receiving devastating news about brother Noah Presgrove's death (YouTube Screengrab/NewsNation)

TERRAL, OKLAHOMA: Grappling with the tragic loss of Noah Presgrove whose body was found on the side of a road on the highway, his family speaks out about the mystery surrounding the 19-year-old's death.

The teenager's brother, Dailen Presgrove, recounts the harrowing moments when the family received the shocking news and their frantic drive to the scene, according to People.

(Facebook/Noah Presgrove)
Noah Presgrove, 19, was found dead on a desolate highway on September 4 (Facebook/Noah Presgrove)

Dailen Presgrove says he was hoping desperately that Noah Presgrove would be brought back alive

On September 4, 2023, Dailen received a call around 7.00 am informing him that his brother Noah had been found dead on Oklahoma's Highway 81, hours after he vanished from a four-day party with friends.

The 24-year-old and their father, Victor Presgrove, then drove along the highway for some 30 minutes looking for Noah.

“We didn’t know exactly where he was, so as we were going, we’d go up this hill, not knowing if we were about to see Noah on the side of the road,” Dailen said, adding, “That drive felt like a year.”

Dailen shared that when they arrived, Noah's body was covered with a sheet and he could still see the teenager curled in the fetal position.

Noah Presgrove and his friends graduated from Comanche High School just a few months earlier and his family said he planned to join the military (YouTube Screengrab/NewsNation)
Noah Presgrove's body was found on a highway, hours after he vanished after a four-day party with his friends (YouTube Screengrab/NewsNation)

“Walking up to him that day, I was in disbelief that he was gone,” he said.

“And I continued to believe throughout the day and night that he was just going to get up and be okay, that the emergency workers would be able to bring him back," Dailen continued.

"There was just a disbelief that he was actually gone. It didn’t make sense that he was dead," he added.

What was Noah Presgrove's cause of death?

Earlier that fateful morning on September 4, 2023, Noah was found on the highway, naked and with several injuries and his teeth had fallen out.


At the time, the death was investigated by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation as "suspicious death."

In a recent report issued on Monday, April 29, the Oklahoma medical examiner stated that Noah died of “multiple blunt force injuries.” However, the manner of his death remains "unknown."

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety officer Sarah Stewart stated that investigators do not believe that the teenager was murdered but the investigation into his death "is not over," according to People.

Despite agreeing with authorities that Noah was not murdered, Dailen said, “We need to figure out what caused the bleeding to his head, the abrasions across his body. All of that is still left to find out.”

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