Outrage as Kari Lake seemingly makes 'racist' remark about Nikki Haley after she dropped out of presidential race

Outrage as Kari Lake seemingly makes 'racist' remark about Nikki Haley after she dropped out of presidential race
Kari Lake reffered to Nikki Haley by her birthname in a social media post (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Kari Lake took aim at Nikki Haley by referring to her birth name, which angered many people online. Internet users called Lake out for the "racist" nature of her comment.

Lake's comments came after Haley announced she was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, leaving room for a potential rematch between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

In a press conference in South Carolina, Haley thanked her supporters for backing her campaign, which began just over a year ago. Haley also faced criticism online after a candid interview with CNN's Dana Bash on 'Inside Politics' on March 1. During the interview, the former South Carolina Governor criticized Trump and other male politicians for what she perceived as their negative portrayal of abortion, particularly in discussions about a potential 15-week ban.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 07: Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake greets supporte
Kari Lake was slammed after she mocked Nikki Haley's birth name (Getty Images)

Kari Lake mocks Nikki Haley's first name

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Lake criticized Haley in a tweet after she suspended her presidential campaign on Wednesday, March 6.

Lake, a former news reporter, and unsuccessful Arizona candidate, shared a post on X to respond to Haley's move. Instead of using Haley's professional name, 'Nikki', Lake called her 'Nimrata' in the post, which is a misspelling of Haley's birth name, 'Nimarata'.

In the post, Lake wrote, "Reports: Nimrata Haley will suspend her campaign today after more humiliating, landslide loses on Super Tuesday."


This is not the first time Haley's birth name has been mocked by a politician. Trump referred to Haley on his Truth Social platform as 'Nimbra', a variation of her first name Nimarata, after previously using 'Nimrada'.


Haley has used her middle name, Nikki, since childhood. She is the daughter of Indian immigrants and was born in South Carolina, where she later became governor.

Nikki Haley (Nikki Haley/Instagram)
Nikki Haley dropped out of the 2024 presidential elections after dismal performance in Super Tuesday contests (Nikki Haley/Instagram)

Internet users label Kari Lake's tweet about Nikki Haley 'amateurish'

A user wrote, "Stuff like this makes you a less appealing candidate. Who wants to vote for a jerk?"


A user commented, "Better a Nimrata than a fired weekend weather pointer"


A user stated, "This is some amateurish, weak sauce. Be better if you want to be a Senator."


Accusing Lake of racism, a user wrote, "there was a time when right wing windbags were up in arms about left wing racism towards Nikki Haley only to then clap like barking seals when right wingers did it."


Another user accused Lake and wrote, "Genius move making racist attacks on Haley. Now that Sinema is out you can’t win without her non-MAGA voters. But you do you."


Another user wrote, "The racism lol"


One person added, "We suspected that Kari Lake is a hateful racist, she just proved it."


One person explained, "As a conservative, and absolutely not a Nikki Haley supporter, I still find Kari Lake's insistence on calling Nikki Haley by her East Indian name of Nimrata to be crude, petty, childish and obnoxious. It's not necessary and, quite frankly, I find it to be a bit racist."


Another person blasted Kari, "There is no need for racist namecalling. I respected you until this very moment."


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