'Pathetic': Jesse Watters slammed as he suggests Trump's silence on Evan Gershkovich's detainment could be a 'negotiation' tactic

'Pathetic': Jesse Watters slammed as he suggests Trump's silence on Evan Gershkovich's detainment could be a 'negotiation' tactic
Jesse Watters defended Donald Trump over his silence on Evan Gershkovich's detainment (@jessewatters/Instagram, Getty Images, National Press Club Live, YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As Donald Trump remains silent on the year-long detainment of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in Russia, Jesse Watters stepped forward to offer a defense, suggesting that the ex-POTUS' reticence might be part of a strategic negotiation tactic.


Jesse Watters claims Donald Trump got back 'tons of American hostages' during his tenure as president

During a segment of Fox News' The Five, Harold Ford Jr, a former Democratic congressman, highlighted the disparity between Trump's silence and President Joe Biden's condemnation of Gershkovich's detainment, labeling it as "wholly unjust and illegal," as per Daily Beast

Gershkovich, who had been covering Russia's conflict with Ukraine, was arrested in March 2023 on espionage charges, which have been refuted by him, the Wall Street Journal, and the US government.

Despite appeals for his release, Gershkovich's pre-trial detention was extended until March 30.

Ford Jr noted, "You realize that President Trump has not mentioned Evan Gershkovich's name? It’s not something I say with fondness."

Watters staunchly defended the former president, saying, "First of all, Harold, Trump got back tons of American hostages when he was president." 

He further argued, "He’s probably leaving room for negotiation. He knows how to do this. You’ve seen the results."

Jesse Watters boasts an impressive net worth of $95 million  Jason Koerner/Getty Images)
Jesse Watters has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Donald Trump's campaign declined to comment on his silence regarding Evan Gershkovich's detainment 

Trump's silence on Gershkovich's detainment echoes his historical reluctance to criticize Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Despite widespread condemnation of Russia's actions and calls for Gershkovich's release, Trump's campaign declined to comment on his silence, leaving many questioning his motivations.

While addressing the death of Alexei Navalny in a Fox News interview, Trump ended up comparing himself to the Russian opposition leader. He also chose not to reprimand Putin for the circumstances surrounding Navalny's death, further fueling speculation regarding his relationship with the Russian president. 

HELSINKI, FINLAND - JULY 16:  Russian President Vladimir Putin hands U.S. President Donald Trump (L)
Donald Trump has always been apprehensive about condemning Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Internet reacts to Jesse Watters' claims concerning Trump's silence on Evan Gershkovich's detainment 

One wrote,"Sure, not only do they want to tell us what he really meant when he say the wrong things, but now they seem to know what he may be thinking in the future."

Another quipped, "Narrator: we have not seen the results." "Tons???" questioned a person. 

Someone else remarked, "Just like he rescued Otto Warmbier ? God rest his soul," and one more added, "What results? Name them." 

An individual expressed, "Watters is a vapid fan-boy. Pathetic." 







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